5 Things for Families

No. It is the heat and the humidity, guys. But there’s enough fun stuff happening in town this weekend that I think we’ll be able to suppress the feeling that we’re all going to burst into flames at any second. Have a look-see…

1. Growing Younger Artists

This week is your last chance to check out creations from the artists of the Growing Younger Program, a partnership between the YMCA and Senior Connections (and Arts on Wheels for this event) that offers older adults opportunities to socialize, learn new skills, and stay active. What a great chance to show kids the importance of lifelong learning–and that, more than likely, Grandma’s stilllllll got it!

  • Runs through Saturday, June 21st • 9:00 AM — 9:00 PM on weekdays; 10:00 AM — 4:00 PM on Saturdays
  • Visual Arts Center of Richmond, 1812 W. Main Street
  • Free

2. RVA Streets Alive

Like, alive with activity, not like they’re now sentient beings with thoughts and opinions and plans and GOD THAT IS TERRIFYING.

Anyway, yeah, bring the whole fam out to walk, run, bike, whatever floats your boat. Except don’t bring your boat. I don’t think you can boat on pavement. Although you’re the one with the boat, so you’d know better than me.

  • Saturday, June 21st • 10:00 AM — 2:00 PM
  • Broad Street from 2nd Street to Henry Street and Brook Road from Adams to Leigh Street
  • Free

3. Summer Science Family Fun

Get out of the soul-sucking heat and take part in some summer! science! family! fun! at the Science Museum, AKA one of the coolest (figuratively and literally) in this Hellmouth of a city. There will be robots. There will be a monster truck. There will be…wait…just wait…A TREBUCHET.

  • Saturday, June 21st • 9:30 AM — 5:00 PM
  • Science Museum of Virginia, 2500 W. Broad Street
  • Free with admission

4. Movies & Mimosas: The Goonies

I’m not suggesting you give your kids a mimosa, but I am suggesting…no, I’m demanding that you let them experience this amazing piece of cinema on the big screen. I’m also demanding that you make them memorize this, the most important monologue in film history:

  • Saturday, June 21st and Sunday, June 22nd • 11:00 AM
  • Movieland, 1301 N. Boulevard
  • $5.50

5. Summer Sounds: Diggity Dudes

It’s only supposed to make it into the upper 80s on Sunday, so head over to Stony Point and enjoy an outdoor performance from Diggity Dudes, masters of “hip music for hip kids,” while you eat one of those baby-sized burritos from Chipotle or something. Not a bad way to close out the weekend, if you ask me.

  • Sunday, June 22nd • 1:00 — 5:00 PM
  • Stony Point Fashion Park (in front of Sur La Table), 9200 Stony Point Parkway
  • Free
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Valerie Catrow

Valerie Catrow is editor of RVAFamily, mother to a mop-topped first grader, and always really excited to go to bed.

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