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There is so much good stuff going on this weekend. A little theat-uuhhhh, a touch of community involvement, and a dash of general merriment… what more could a Richmonder want?

There is so much good stuff going on this weekend. A little theat-uuhhhh, a touch of community involvement, and a dash of general merriment… what more could a Richmonder want?

1. Richmond Shakespeare’s Hamlet

I’ll try to write about this without getting all English major-y on you. And without touting the fact that I played Ophelia in high school to RAVE reviews. Oops! Anyway, even those not super-into The Bard will find it difficult to *not* enjoy this show: Murder! Treachery! Plays within plays! Loony women!  A good time for all. Preview shows on Thursday (July 16th) and Friday (July 17th) evenings, premiere performance on Saturday (July 18th), 8pm, Agecroft Hall, 4305 Sulgrave Road, adults $19, children $11. Buy tickets here.

2. Children Miracle Network’s 8th Annual Anthem LemonAid

If you happen to see people hanging out around town wearing foam lemons on their heads, don’t be alarmed – they’re just raising money to help kids with cancer. The effort runs through the entire weekend, but RVANews will be setting up shop outside our offices (1205 W. Main Street) on Friday, June 17th from 10am to 4pm. Each glass only costs a $1, and all money goes to support the fight against pediatric cancer. If you’re interested in setting up your own stand, stop by the Children’s Miracle Network’s site to learn more.

3. Conversations On Poverty

We mentioned this here as well, but it’s an important opportunity so, guess what, you get to hear about it again. Community colleges (and other locations) all over the state are hosting what’s being billed as “largest-ever, simultaneous conversation devoted to reducing Virginia’s poverty rate and increasing economic opportunity for all.” If you’ve got a solution for reducing poverty in your area, show up and pitch it in two minutes or less. Or even if you *don’t* have an idea, you should go to at least hear what other people in your community are thinking. Saturday, July 18th, 10am to 12pm, City Council Chamber at City Hall (900 E. Broad Street) or The Gallery in Georgiadis Hall at the J. Sargeant Reynolds Parham Campus (1651 E. Parham Road), free (because that would be weird to charge people money to come in and talk about how to help people who don’t have any). Go to the Secretary of Health and Human Services website to learn more.

4. Horseshoe Tournament at Gillies Creek Park

I love any excuse to say “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” I also love watching people play horseshoes, although I must admit part of me is always scared that someone is going to get clocked by an errant shoe and have to be taken to the ER. The Virginia Horseshoe Pitchers Association (yes, there is one) is behind this gem of a Saturday afternoon activity. You have to be a member to participate, but you can join on site for $24. But, of course, spectators are welcome. Saturday, July 18th, 4425 Williamsburg Avenue, $15 per entry, registration starts at 8:30am, shoe tossing starts at 10:30.

5. Cake at The National

Did you really think you were going to get through one of these without a video? Fools!

There. Now it’s in all of your heads, too. And while we’re at it, here’s this:

Sunday, 8pm, 708 East Broad, $30. Buy tickets here.

None of these up your alley? See what else is going on around town this weekend.

Did we miss anything? Leave it in the comments.

(If you have an event coming up that you want help promoting, let us know. We’ll add it to the calendar AND it just might end up making this list!)

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