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This weekend is as eclectic as it is upcoming. Take advantage of outdoor theatres, outdoor jam bands, outdoor boats, outdoor jazz, and outdoor sweaty guys. Plenty of time to stay indoors when Polar Vortex 2 hits later. Remember I said that.

1. 58th Festival of Arts at Dogwood Dell: 42nd Street (The Musical, Not the Other Arts Festival)

This city-sponsored festival is very hands-on. Jazz-hands-on. The community comes together to bring you 42nd Street, the musical about musicals! A gal making it on Broadway! Hoovervilles! A chicken in every pot! The avenue I’m taking you to is 42nd Street! Just a reminder: the avenue I’m taking you to is NOT an avenue here in Richmond. This is not the 42nd Street Arts Festival, that’s later. This is a street in New York represented on a stage in Dogwood Dell. I’m just going to stop now.

  • Friday, August 1st – Saturday, August 2nd • 8:30 PM
  • Dogwood Dell in Byrd Park
  • Free!

2. A Very Jerry Birthday Jam

Grateful Dead culture, besides being the most intimidating culture to flirt with joining when you’re 13, is still alive and well, though their legendary leader has passed on. Big-deal Dead tribute band, Dark Star Orchestra, along with The Weight, provide this two-day jam. You could have camped, if you’d known about this early enough, but as it is, you’ll just have to come both days. Please, be smart and responsible about this entire thing. You’re not going to ride one of those dancing bears home, even if it seems like the green one is personally inviting you to hop on his pink cloud and cruise home with your deceased second grade teacher by your side on a road made of the Milky Way. That road simply doesn’t exist in Chesterfield County. Trust me.

  • Friday, August 1st – Saturday, August 2nd • see site for schedule
  • Pocahontas State Park, 10301 State Park Road
  • See site for prices

3. International Dragon Boat Festival

Let’s all get together at Rocketts this Saturday to watch the beauteous dragon boats in the venerated Chinese tradition as they cruise down the James River. One thing is for certain: you will get to see (for free!) something you don’t see on our river every day!

  • Saturday, August 2nd • see site for schedule
  • Rocketts Landing, 5000 Old Osborne Turnpike
  • Free to watch!

4. Jazz and Food Festival

Let jazz get your heart going while soul food slows its pumping to a dull thud every twenty minutes. You’ll end up breaking even! St. Elizabeth Church promises family-friendly fun, culture, and calories. It’s a bit of a mystery as far as which bands you can expect to see and what exact food you can expect to eat, but it’ll be a grab bag that is so good, it’s on its fifth year. Can’t argue with them odds!

  • Saturday, August 2nd • 12:00 – 7:30 PM
  • St. Elizabeth Church Ground, 2nd Avenue and Victor Street
  • $5 donation

5. Redskins Stuff

Do…we still call them that? That football team from Washington with the helmets and the leggings and stuff? Whatever you want to call them, or however you feel about me calling them whatever I want (“Guys With the Helmets and the Leggings” will work just fine)–they’re IN town, doing their thing. This Saturday, the massively popular Fan Appreciation Day lets fans meets some players, see some cheerleading, that kind of thing. Also that day (and the next), the Guys With the Helmets and the Leggings’ FitFest gives families an opportunities to interact with some players while learning about staying healthy, so that YOU TOO can be a professional footballer one day (provided you are still young enough and are a human male).

  • See site for schedule (Fan Appreciation Day is on Saturday, August 2nd) &bull see site for times
  • Redskins Training Camp, 2401 W. Leigh Street
  • Free, but you must get a ticket

Photo by: Mobilus In Mobili

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  1. Mary Ayres on said:

    Looking forward to the Redskins Fan Fest! Thankful to this organization who has done more to benefit the original people of this land through benefits, scholarships and trusts than all the PC police combined! HTTR!!!

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