5 Things

This weekend defies gravity with lots of good food, weird theatre, conscious festivals, and dudes en pointe.

Family-oriented? Check out 5 Things for Families. You won’t be sorry, and you won’t miss naptime.

1. Richmond Restaurant Week

If you’re living in some sort of cave in which there is no Internet signal of any kind and you can’t follow Twitter or read any online local publications (busted, liar, you’re reading one RIGHT NOW), you may not have heard of Restaurant Week. If you’re in the land of the living WiFi and you know allllllll about it, then put your money ($25.14 to be exact) where your mouth is (it’s above your chin) and try a painstakingly prepared price-fixed menu at participating eateries. Some of them go all out. None of them can resist making an effort to wow you. Embrace elastic waistbands and get to eatin’.

  • Through Sunday, April 27th • dinnertime!
  • Your favorite restaurant (maybe) and a bunch of others to try!
  • $25.14

2. Wicked

If just you and I were really into Wicked, the story of how the Wicked Witch got to be SO wicked and not just mildly wicked like her deceased sister, we would shout-sing all of the songs from it all the time. Instead, we’ll just pretend real quick like we’re not belting out “JUST YOU AND IIIIII DEFYING GRAVITY” in our heads even as we read this convoluted write-up about it. Wicked has got to be one of the most enjoyable musicals of our age, and maybe you don’t like musicals, and maybe you don’t like Oz, but you might as well see this show at some point, just to see how in this prequel everyone gets their just deserts.

  • Through Sunday, May 4th • see site for times
  • Altria Theater, 6 N. Laurel Street
  • $43 – $178

3. Der Vorführeffekt Theatre: Three Kinds of Weirdness

Black Iris Gallery prides itself on putting together exhibits, performances, and lectures that you will never be able to find anywhere else in town/THE WORLD. This Saturday, join a theatre troupe who handmade all of their production. And I do mean ALL. Plus, it’s the only play synopsis you’ll ever read (one hopes) that includes the phrase “gave birth to a pile of rabbit parts.”

  • Saturday, April 26th • 7:00 PM
  • Black Iris Gallery, 321 W. Broad Street
  • $5 – $7 donation suggested

4. Earth Day Festival(s)

Tuesday was motherlovin’ Earth Day, but Richmond celebrates that ish this Saturday with two festivals of music and food and learning. Head towards the Shockoe / Mayo Island / Manchester areas of town and get ready to dance upon the very thing we are learning not to tread on so much.

5. Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

I had the privilege to see the Trocks once, and my heart and my knee have never forgotten it (because…I was slapping my knee so hard? That’s what people do when they laugh!). Dudes doing ballet in drag is for some reason the funniest thing ever to happen. Or maybe it’s just THESE dudes doing ballet in drag. Whatever it is, the whole experience is hilarious, impressive, and often even graceful. Ballet parody–where have you been all of our lives?

  • Saturday, April 26th – Sunday, April 27th • see site for times
  • Jepson Theatre, Modlin Center for the Arts, University of Richmond, 28 Westhampton Way
  • $36 with discounts available
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