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We’ve got your dance card booked for this weekend, and it looks something like this: businesslike revelry, music hall celebrations, genre-shattering violinists, classic Southern theatre, and A DANG RODEO. You’re welcome!

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1. i.e.* Start-Up Competition 2014

Got a start-up? Want to win some seed money? Well, you’re too late, buster. The finalists from the i.e.* initiative’s Start-Up Competition 2014 (all of whom are way better than you are about getting things in before a deadline, man) will present their ideas to YOU, the supporting public. Then the winner will be announced. Then we will all party. Then we will all go home and think of an idea for next year.

  • Thursday, April 17th • 7:00 – 8:30 PM
  • Richmond CenterStage, 600 E. Grace Street
  • Free!

2. The Broadberry – Grand Opening

Who needs another music venue? Why, us! Desperately! The Broadberry finalllllly opens tonight, with performances by our beloved musical acts No BS! Brass Band, Black Girls, and Goldrush. Can’t make it tonight? Head there Saturday for Silo Effect, Former Champions, and the Polychrons. Or head there every other night FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES.

  • Thursday, April 17th • 8:00 PM
  • The Broadberry, 2729 W. Broad Street
  • $10

3. Daniel D., The Contemporary Violinist

Daniel D. has no genre. Daniel D. has no agendas. Daniel D. just plays that violin whichever way he dang pleases. And the fine folks at Reynolds Community College have anted up the funds to get this groundbreaking violinist to our town for a FREE performance.

  • Thursday, April 17th • 7:00 PM
  • Lipman Auditorium, 1651 E. Parham Road
  • Free!

4. Virginia Stampede Pro Rodeo

It’s your time to experience the pure American craziness of a rodeo, and this is probably (maybe?) one of your only chances. That is, if you are planning on staying in Virginia for the rest of your livelong days and not heading to, say, Texas. Anyway, riding, roping, wrasslin’, and all sorts of other things will be shattering spines and delighting onlookers this weekend, and I’m not sure why you’d want to miss that.

  • Friday, April 18th – Saturday, April 19th • see site for schedule
  • Colonial Downs, 10515 Colonial Downs Parkway, New Kent
  • $25

5. A Streetcar Named Desire

“DESIIIIIIIIRE!!” That’s what that guy yells, right? Something like that. Check out the hot nights and addled brains of Blanche, Stanley, and Stella (oh….right) as they navigate the turbulent waters of family, phoniness, and desire–three of Tennessee Williams’s specialties! Also, when you get to heaven and it turns out it’s the set of a 20th century Southern play, like I imagine it is, they’ll all laugh at you if you haven’t seen this classic.

  • Thursday, April 17th – Saturday, May 17th • see site for times
  • Firehouse Theatre, 1609 W. Broad Street
  • $35 with discounts available

Photo by: Βethan

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