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Well, the pool bag has been carefully folded and put away. And it’s time to get out cardigans and start peeling apples. Just kidding, folks! We live in Virginia, where summer lasts at least until November. The Doing Stuff Season explodes this weekend with so many things to do, I almost had to rename this column 55 Things.

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1. Cirque Italia

People spinning around on ribbons! People spinning around on hoops! People spinning around on other things! If you love cirques, and I know you do, try this one on for size. Will Italy conquer France once and for all? (Oh, and a huge bonus, children under 13 are free, which, like…what? An amazing thing to delight my child that costs me nothing except for a drive out to Midlothian? Viva Italia!) If you’re still not convinced, the venue alone should be enough to get your attention.

  • Thursday, September 5th – Sunday, September 8th • see site for times
  • Old Kmart Parking Lot, 6807 Midlothian Turnpike
  • $9 – $45

2. Fall Line Fest

It’s no secret that we’re in love with this inaugural festival. It’ll feature all sorts of things, from art to food to music. Local bands and bigger acts like Neon Indian and Big Freedia are poised to steal the show, but go check out the schedule and plan the weekend around your own interests. Listen up, Richmond. If we are good and we prove that we can have nice things, MAYBE THIS WILL HAPPEN A SECOND TIME??

  • Friday, September 6th – Saturday, September 7th • see site for times
  • All over Downtown
  • $20, with day passes at $15

3. Bicycle Film Festival

Sometimes it’s like…should I ride my bike? Or should I watch a movie? Well, actually, I don’t have a solution for that. But I DO have something for you to do if you want to watch movies ABOUT bikes. Ride on down to the Bicycle Film Festival, a national event that manifests in various cities, including ours. Get into the opening party on Friday night, the Pizza Crawl on Saturday night (yeah, it’s as fun as it sounds), and then view some short films about your very favorite subject–assuming your very favorite subject is bikes.

  • Friday, September 6th – Sunday, September 8th • see site for times
  • Various places, culminating at the Byrd Theatre on Sunday
  • $15

4. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer

Children with cancer. It’s the worst possible thing, and you know it. I can’t even think about it without wanting to crawl into a hole and do nothing for the rest of my life. But that’s certainly not going to help anybody out, is it? What I could do instead is buy cookies from all of the various children and parents holding up signs around town and begging me to just bite the bullet and eat a delicious cookie in order to help an enormously good cause. It’s so easy to do, there’s just no excuse not to. Find the mobile cookie trolley downtown on Friday between 12th and Main, or keep an eye out on Saturday for kids’ hockin’ sweets all around town. 20,000 cookies MUST GO!

  • Friday, September 6th – Saturday, September 7th • 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • All around town, I said!
  • Very little

5. 2nd Annual Gatsby Afternoon Picnic

And the coup de grace right here, ladies and gentlemen. The most fun-sounding thing in the world. A Gatsby picnic at the Wilton House. Presented by the Art Deco Society of Virginia, which pretty much wins the game of life by even existing, this party includes costume contest, croquet, and vintage bicycles! Oh, and live music! And permission to drink! Ten bucks says this is the most elegant and whimsical afternoon of your life.

  • Sunday, September 8th • 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Wilton House Museum, 215 S. Wilton Road
  • $15 for non-members, $10 for members, $5 for the luckiest kids on Earth

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  1. First of all, props to rvanews for hooking me up with tickets to fall line fest. I went to first fridays tonight and saw the Richmanian Ramblers and Rattlemouth, as well as several great art exhibits. I plan to attend other events highlighted in the fall line festival lineup, but after tonight’s experience, I am left with one question: where is the festival? Again, I am grateful that rvanews gave me free tickets, but I would be a little chuffed at the festivals creators if I paid the full $20 price. As far as
    I could see, everyone in attndance tonight was enjoying all the same fantastic entertainment regardless if they were ticket holders or not. I guess
    I just don’t get it. How is this different from any other weekend in Richmond?

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