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At what point are we going to start having things indoors during the summer? Never, I guess! More festivals and outdoor fun for those of us who are interested in finding new places on our bodies that can produce sweat!

Looking for things to do with the smaller versions of yourself? Fire up the family wagon and take a looksee at 5 Things for Families.

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1. WRIR and the Commonwealth of Notions Presents: Volume 3

It’s good to support your local independent radio station, people. Without them, we’d have no British Breakfast or Songs from the Big Hair. I’d be forced to listen to NPR’s Car Talk on Saturday mornings, and the Rainbow Minute would cease to exist. It’s a tragedy to even think about it. Support those dudes and dudettes, and go listen to a million bands over the course of three days (includes Sea of Storms, The Diamond Center, Dave Watkins, and Clair Morgan).

  • Thursday, July 18th – Sunday July 21st • see site for times
  • Strange Matter, Gallery5, Balliceaux, and Banditos
  • Free – $10 (see site for details)

2. Shockoe Tomato Festival

No, smartass, a “Shockoe Tomato” is not a young lady with a skirt of questionable length staggering back and forth between police blockades. It is a delicious festival that celebrates PERHAPS SUMMER’S GREATEST FRUIT!1 There will be bands and incredible-sounding things to eat (like tomato-watermelon sorbet and beef-brisket-stuffed tomato), and it’s free to enter.

  • Saturday, July 20th • 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • 17th Street Farmer’s Market
  • Free!

3. First Annual Summer Moon Music Festival

The folks at Center of the Universe are celebrating the first day man walked on the moon. It was a great day for America, a bitter one for Russia, and the moon gave the whole thing a C+. There will be so much music, to make up for the fact that astronauts probably didn’t listen to any, and lots of craft beer, of course. Plan on thinking hard about how cold it is in space, because that might make the temperature a little more bearable.

  • Saturday, July 20th • 12:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Center of the Universe Brewing Company, 11293 Air Park Road
  • Free!

4. Steel Magnolias

Southern ladies are beautiful like magnolias and tough like steel. Oh noes, I hope I didn’t spoil this show for you! These ladies congregate at a hair salon and complain about their husbands and swallow their misfortunes and basically tug at our heartstrings while tickling our funny bones. So what I’m saying is, this screams “Take your mom to see me.” And after all, it’s probably been ages since you’ve seen the movie, am I right?

  • Through August 25th • see site for times
  • Hanover Tavern, 13181 Hanover Courthouse Road
  • $38-$40 with many discounts available

5. 48 Hour Film Festival Screenings

The point of the 48 Hour Film Festival is to give the ol’ brain a jumpstart (providing that brain lives inside the head of a creative person with an interest in some aspect of filmmaking). First, you make a film that’s 48 hours long, then you…wait, sorry, I’m getting a correction here, you make a film IN 48 hours. Start to finish. Action to wrap. Friday night to Sunday night. It was last weekend, and you’re invited to see the fruits of Richmonders’ labor this weekend at the Byrd Theatre at screenings of our local filmmakers’ competitive entries.

  • Saturday, July 20th and Sunday, July 21st • see site for times
  • The Byrd Theatre, 2908 W. Cary Street
  • Free! (Although I’m guessing, since the Byrd’s site doesn’t include cost information. Don’t get mad at me if the ticket taker looks at you from under a glamorous fascinator and demands a few dollars.)

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  1. JK, nectarine. You have my heart. 
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