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From a food co-op dance party, St. Patrick’s Day, to Louis C.K. (and more!) this weekend is FILLED with great things to do.

Guys, it’s been a crazy week full of historic things. The Vatican all got together and decided that there would be a new Veronica Mars movie. To celebrate, I’ve put together a list of five things that you simply must do this weekend.

1. RVA Food Co-Op Dance Party

Nothing makes you hungrier than a night of dancing. But folks, hitting up the drive-thru on your way home is a practice that you have got to stop. The food industry is doing terrible things to us, the health system, the planet–it won’t get better until we make it get better. And I would really like you to live a long time because, well, you complete me. And I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me more inspired to make change than a night on the dance floor. Join DJ Mixe and Dave Watkins Projections at Balliceaux to benefit the Richmond Food Co-Op, and leave those inhibitions (as well as five bucks) at the door.

  • Thurs. Mar. 14 • 10:00 PM
  • Balliceaux, 203 N. Lombardy St.
  • $5 at the door, $Trillion over the course of your healthy lifetime

2. Louis C.K.

If you’re new1 to Louis C.K.’s special brand of despairing humor, picture a pretty pathetic guy with a backbone of steel. He’s often gross, sometimes despicable, occasionally really beautiful, and always honest. But it’s funny, I promise. He’s the real deal. Check out his show Louie if you don’t believe me. Then buy tickets and prepare to lord it over those who didn’t get to go.

  • Sat. Mar. 16 • 7:30 PM
  • The Landmark Theater, 6 N. Laurel St.
  • $40 plus stupid processing fees

3. St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

There are so many things to do to celebrate the country that it seems like, what, 100% of us claim a connection to? And so many of these things involve the usual suspects (beer, bourbon, and barfing). BUT! If the three B’s are not your friends, check out the 5Ks around town or treat yourself to some traditional Irish music. Check out our handy guide for all your St. Patty’s Day needs.

  • All frigging weekend
  • All over town
  • All different prices

4. TheatreLAB presents Riding the Bull

There’s something about TheatreLAB. Maybe it’s that they’re focused on launching careers for young theatre professionals in every corner of the industry. Maybe it’s that they’re not afraid to take risks on new and untried works. Maybe it’s that they serve homemade pie at intermission. Whatever the case, I’m intrigued/hungry. The buzz for their newest production of August Schulenberg’s Riding the Bull is rumored to be very well-deserved, with sold-out houses ever since it opened last weekend and encore dates just announced. This show, which features (and I quote) “Graceland, prophetic sex, and cows that rise from the dead, all in the little town of Godsburg, Texas.” Uh, they had me at prophetic sex but really locked me in with zombie cows. See you guys there?

  • Sun. Mar. 17 – Sat. Mar. 23, see site for times
  • Gallery5 (200 W. Marshall St.) and Sycamore Rouge
  • $10-$15

5. Richmond Ballet’s Leap Week

You may remember that last year, our beloved sinewy dancers tripped their way over the Atlantic and directly into the hearts of the entire country of England. We’re about to get a taste of our own medicine, as the Royal Ballet retaliates next Friday. To show them that USA! USA! USA! and its big boisterousness is not without its perks, the RB has teamed up with movie theaters, restaurants, and frigging everyone else in town to commandeer an entire week of our lives. And, honestly, could your life be in better hands? This Sunday, Leap Week commences with a festival of same dancey-dance films like Mao’s Last Dancer, The Red Shoes, and _Center Stage_2. Monday brings a special dinner at Can Can, Tuesday’s backstage adventure, and, of course, we’ll save the piece de resistance for next week’s column. Don’t shame your country by missing out.

  • Beginning this Sun. Mar. 17
  • See site for locations
  • Broken record over here.

Future Things

We recommend you take a good, long look in the mirror and seriously consider what you’re doing with your life…on the days that the Things listed below take place. With seats selling fast, we thought we’d let you know about these gems now. As always, if you’ve got more suggestions for your long- and short-range-focused fellow readers, leave ’em below!

  • Aziz Ansari at the Carpenter Theatre – April 1 (encore show added at 9:30 PM)
  • 25th Anniversary production of Les Miserables at the Landmark Theatre – Mar. 26-31

— ∮∮∮ —


  1. I didn’t know anybody fell into this category, but my poor colleague was, and boy, did he get a lot of “WHAAAAAT????”s. 
  2. It puzzles me that anyone would pass up an opportunity to rescreen Magic Mike, and a golden opportunity it is. 
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