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There were just too many things going on this weekend, so we appealed to the last, great source of knowledge: Twitter.

There were just too many things going on this weekend, so I appealed to my Twitter followers. “What are you doing this weekend, Followers?” I said. These were their replies.

1. Richmond International Film Festival

I’ve said it before (see above link) and I’ll say it again (see below sentiment):

Our film selection in Richmond is laughable, and it’s our own fault for not showing enough interest in the good ones. Finally, FINALLY, we are getting on the Hollywood map as something other than “DC’s more affordable vague lookalike.” The first ever Richmond International Film Festival (formerly the MIX festival of short films) brings more than 50 short and feature-length movies to the Byrd Theatre this weekend, along with a number of other events at a number of other venues. It’s frigging exciting, fellow movie nerds! And maybe you’ll learn something, Jimmy Skeptical.

  • Thurs. Feb. 28 – Sun. Mar. 3 • see site for schedule
  • See site for locations.
  • $9 per individual screening, or $150 for a full pass

2. Holton Hustle 5K

Do the hustle! Fine, dang, sorry if I’m just trying to breathe some life into this farce of a dried up relationship we have. If you really loved me, you’d jog under the trees of Ginter Park and Bellevue. It’s a good warm-up for the fast approaching 10k, plus there’s a little one-mile “fun run,” for those kids you have that are young enough to not roll their eyes when they hear that title. And don’t look at me like that. So what if I’ll be in bed, moving as little as possible? Plunk down that $20 bill and get shakin’, bacon!

  • Sat. Mar. 2 • 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
  • 1600 W. Laburnum Ave.
  • $20 for adults, $5 for kids

3. Extra! Hardywood Debuts Its Eight Billionth Beer!

If I knew anything about beer, I’d mark the weeks of my year with how many new brewskies (you guys call them that, right?) are just bursting forth from the magical vats over at Hardywood. As it is, I feel like every time I turn around, someone’s sipping a beer and then saying gently into the foam, “Hardywood.” This time, it’s a “coffee stout” release with special guests Exebelle and Rusted Cavalcade to sooth your ears while your Bourbon Sidamo Coffee Stout does the exact opposite.

  • Sat. Mar. 2 • festivities begin 10:00 AM
  • 2408 Owenby Lane, Midlothian
  • Free! (but you’ll have to pay for the beer)

4. Butler @ VCU! The grand rematch?

If you’ll remember, in VCU’s run to the Final Four, the Rams got beat out by this lackluster group of rag-tag gentlemen. It’s time for revenge, as the HAVOC! takes down the Boring Expected Formations all at once. This year, Butler is going nowhere. Oh, neither are you actually, because it’s sold out. That’s OK! You can catch the game on various bars’ TV stations as you nurse a beer and wonder what you’re doing at this bar in the middle of the day.

PS. If you’re in desperate need of some VCU gear, check out this awesome black & gold RVA T-shirt–just $10!

  • Sat. Mar. 2 • 12:00 PM
  • Bars, your house, an accommodating hhgregg, wherever
  • Free! Sorta!

5. Live at Ipanema: Dead Professional

One day you’ll look back and think “I wish I’d spent more time at Ipanema.” I mean, it really has the perfect vibe, especially when you’re holding a drink and watching a good band play. This week, Live at Ipanema hosts Dead Professional, the solo endeavor of John from The Cinnamon Band. Instead of weeping over music’s fleeting quality when it’s over, head to the website and download the whole set.

  • Sun. Mar. 3 • 10:00 PM
  • Ipanema Cafe, 917 W. Grace St.
  • Free, but please order something. And please tip the bartender.
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