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The only internal debate you’ll be having this weekend is how best to hit all of the festivals while still having time to enjoy the weather. It can be done.

The only internal debate you’ll be having this weekend is how best to hit all of the festivals while still having time to enjoy the weather. It can be done.

1. VCU Rams’ All In for the A-10 Party

We’re movin’ on up! (Movin’ on up!) To the A-10! (To the A-10!) To a deluxe cohort of other elite sports teams! Sounds like it’s time for a party, folks. Join the VCU Rams for a family-friendly blowout this Friday night. There will be all sorts of peppy things to do and prizes to win and beer to drink, AND you’ll get the first glimpse of the new Rodney the Ram.

  • Fri. Oct. 5 • 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Sports Backers Stadium, 100 Avenue of Champions
  • $3

2. OystoberFest

Bet you thought the month after September was October, didn’t you? WRONG. It’s Oystober, dudes! Grab those kids, even if they’re still yawning from the previous night’s A-10 party, and scoot over to Oystoberfest, where you and yours will slurp down buckets of raw or grilled oysters, crunch on fried oysters, and attend classes on the oyster’s magical and mysterious aquatic journey. JK, no classes. Just bands, food, fun, and a raffle for an iPad.

  • Sat. Oct. 6 • 12:00 – 6:00 PM
  • St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, 3602 Hawthorne Ave.
  • $2 donation suggested

3. Richmond Zine Festival

I’ll admit it, this week’s column is definitely festival-heavy. But I can’t help it if there are a ton of good festivals going on at once. The Richmond Zine Festival is surely unlike any other–get together with zine creators, distros, and enthusiasts and pick up some local, national, and even international zines or sling some of your own to the unsuspecting public. Just kidding, your zines are a delight.

  • Sat. Oct. 6 • 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Gay Community Center of Richmond, 1407 Sherwood Ave.
  • Free to attend!

4. Hogtober

Bet you thought the month after September was Oystober, didn’t you? GOD, YOU ARE ALWAYS SO WRONG ABOUT THESE THINGS. It’s clearly Hogtober! I changed my mind! After you’ve gotten your face painted Friday night, swallowed some oysters Saturday morning, and written a zine all about the experience Saturday afternoon, make your way to Church Hill for a barbecue-themed public gathering that, thoughtfully, lets you bring home with you the smoky smell of rendering fat, free of charge! Bands will play, Miss Hot Sauce will be crowned (spoiler alert: it’s me), and you’ll get to sample BBQ from all of your favorite local places.

  • Sat. Oct. 6 • 12:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Libby Hill Park, 29th and Franklin
  • Free to attend, food prices a la carte

5. 2nd Street Festival

Do me a favor and drive around in Jackson Ward this Saturday or Sunday. Ha! If you fall for that you are me, last year. I seriously had no idea that 2-street (that’s what the supercool locals call it, or…me, if you’re supercool and you wish everybody would acknowledge that fact) was even a thing. Turns out it is! Once the epicenter of a thriving Jackson Ward, 2-street (there I go being supercool again) celebrates African-American heritage with food, music, and dancing. Kids love this outdoor street festival, but there can be only one. Or two or three, I guess. Just plan this weekend wisely.

  • Sat. Oct. 6 – Sat. Oct. 7 • 12:00 – 7:00 PM (or 6:00 PM on Sunday)
  • 2nd Street in Jackson Ward
  • Free to attend


Photo by: Maggie Hoffman

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  1. Sounds like its going to be a super fun weekend!

  2. Andrew on said:

    Love your sense of humor! Kept reading even though you had me at Oyster! Man, it’s great to be a Richmonder!

  3. Eric Mai on said:

    Forgot the Carytown Food and Wine fest this Sunday!

  4. Also, nearly 5-Things-Worthy is the Richmond Festival of Cross. Not an object, but a sport, as in Cyclocross. It’s where gallant men and women ride road bikes outfitted with off-road tires over grass, gravel, muck, and sand, having to jump off occasionally to leap over barriers, jump over pools of water, or run up withering flights of stairs. Think of it as the steeplechase of bike racing.

    There are races both days this weekend. On Saturday they run from 9am – 3:30pm in Bryan Park on the Northside, and on Sunday the race moves to Chimborazo Park in Church Hill. There are multiple races each day featuring varying skill levels from kids to teens up to pros.

    Aside from a laid back, family friendly atmosphere, you get to watch people suffer as they tackle obstacles like Chimbo’s Steps of Death, but then watch the smile return to their face as spectators “hand-up” goodies like beer, dollar bills, waffles, and sometimes even BACON as they race past. Good times all around! All races are free to watch, and if you want to try your hand at the race itself, you can register here: https://www.bikereg.com/Net/17349

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