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Richmond has it all this weekend, from becoming slightly nauseous on the Tilt-A-Whirl to radiating sophistication at the ballet, we’ve got your plans covered.

Richmond has it all this weekend, from becoming slightly nauseous on the Tilt-A-Whirl to radiating sophistication at the ballet, we’ve got your plans covered.

1. Richmond Ballet’s Studio One: Streets and Legends

Tonight marks the opening of another season of fluid gracefulness and unbridled envy. The first installment in Richmond Ballet’s four-part Studio Series brings the joy of contorting oneself beautifully to the small stage. You’ll be up close and personal as you celebrate Scotland with Colin Connor’s kilt-studded Streets and Legends. Then, RB alum Philip Neal premieres his new work, Gargoyles, which celebrates…well…ugly stone things? I’m just joshin’, Richmond Ballet never disappoints, and they’re certainly not going to start now. Not on my watch. No, sir.

  • Thurs. Sep. 27 – Sun. Oct. 7 • 6:30 PM
  • Richmond Ballet, 407 E. Canal St.
  • $20 – $40

2. State Fair of Virginia

Step right up, step right up, step right up…to Doswell! King’s Dominion may not be open every night now that fall’s here, but the State Fair has something KD doesn’t have: games and rides. No, wait: funnel cakes. No, wait: enormous, smelly animals. No, wait: pumpkins the size of a small car. There we go. See, they’re totally different. For real, though, go check out the quilts, the deep-fried Oreos, the rickety rides, and the people. Sweet mother, the people.

  • Fri. Sep. 28 – Sun. Oct. 7 • see site for hours
  • The Meadow Event Park, Exit 98 off I-95N
  • $8 – $21

3. 8th Annual Richmond Italian Street Festival

Hold up, the 17th Street Market is going to be “transformed into an authentic Italian village” this weekend? What sorcery is this! How doth the organizers of this bazaar of delectable flavors bend time and space to transport us to fair Italia?? Whoa, pump the brakes, y’all. I think what’s going on here is that there’s some Italian food and music and fun. Come, eat, and support Slow Food RVA and the VCU Italian Department.

  • Sat. Sep. 29 – Sun. Sep. 30 • 11:00 AM – 8:00/6:00 PM
  • 17th Street Market, 17th and Main Streets
  • $5 donation requested

4. Festival of India

I vividly remember my first taste of Indian food. It was unlike anything I’d ever had before–a combination of flavors that produced a rapturous vision of Shah Rukh Khan in bright orange cargo pants. Sadly, I encountered the unlikeliest of dilemmas that day–the details of which are too complex to recount here–and was forced to choose between feasting on aromatic Indian delicacies or the savory, comforting fare of Italy. I have never been able to forget the profound regret with which I made my unhappy choice. Indeed, it has haunted me for the rest of my days. The world is different now, and young people no longer face the same difficult decisions as we did in my day. The Festival of India serves saag paneer and naan throughout the weekend, just as the Italian Street Festival dishes up ziti, affording the budding gourmand ample opportunities to flit back and forth between continents.

  • Sat. Sep. 29 – Sun. Sep. 30 • 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Greater Richmond Convention Center, 403 N. 3rd St.
  • Free to attend, food prices a la carte

5. Young Tom Jefferson

Why should your kids learn as much as they can about Thomas Jefferson? Oh, no reason, he just INVENTED OUR COUNTRY AND INSPIRED EVERY OTHER DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION IN THE WORLD.1 Hope you enjoyed the roads you drove on to get to your friendly neighborhood entrepreneur’s tattoo shop to have your fave band’s logo on your arm. I’m sure in a few centuries, people will still be remarking on Black Flag’s global impact. The point is: TJ is probably the most important person 200 years ago that affects your daily life today. Oh, and bring your kids to this rad play so they can know more about his incredible brain, possibly encouraging them to grow up to be genius constitution-framers themselves. You have plenty of time to tell them about all his flaws later on.

  • Thurs. Sep. 28 – Fri. Nov. 2 • see site for times
  • Hanover Tavern and Willow Lawn
  • $10 – $16

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  1. This section is uncited and may contain some exaggerations. In fact, that’s just a good rule of thumb to keep in mind for this entire column. 
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