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This weekend’s theme is “Drama,” because there are lots of plays and movies to be seen, but also because a festival that hands out “all-you-can-taste” samples of bourbon is bound to generate some interesting moments.

This weekend’s theme is “Drama,” because there are lots of plays and movies to be seen, but also because a festival that hands out “all-you-can-taste” samples of bourbon is bound to generate some interesting moments. Take a deep breath, it’s another exciting RVA weekend!

1. Yellowman at Henley Street Theatre

There’s just something about a play that a movie can never quite capture (the reverse is true as well, as I’m sure Michael Bay would agree). And if you’re going to venture out to the theatre, you should know that Henley Street never disappoints. Dael Orlandersmith’s Yellowman elicited words like “searing,” “unsparing,” and “piercing” from the New York Times.1 Like Dessa Rose, the play is a gift to Richmonders, presenting us with the opportunity to learn more about our society while experiencing great art. Or, you know, there’s always Battleship.

  • Thurs. Jun. 7 – Sat. Jun. 16 • see site for times
  • SPARC, 2106-A N. Hamilton St.
  • $17 – $27

2. Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival

Odds are, you like beer, bourbon, and/or barbecue. The three brown b’s either alone or together have the power to turn any time into a memorable one. This Saturday, you can experience the heady triumvirate as you never have before at a festival devoted to their glorious union. Your admission gets you a tasting glass so that you can go to town on 40 bourbons and 60 beers. We urge you not to try each one, as you cannot enjoy good barbecue if you are insensate under a bush. Visit the site for more information, such as a drink menu, pictures of last year’s beer belly contest winners, and an introductory video that promises appearances by some scantily clad women. I…don’t know what to do with that.

  • Sat. Jun. 9 • 2:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Richmond International Raceway, 600 E. Laburnum Ave.
  • $25-$45

3. James River Filmmakers Forum

OK, you know how I said earlier that plays do things movies can’t and vice versa? And then I made a crack about Battleship? Memories! James River Filmmakers are always doing neat things to further the craft of makin’ movies, and this weekend’s forum is a rare chance to screen the films of several of Richmond’s finest aspiring directors. And it costs zero clams (although they cheerfully accept any amount of clams you would like to donate)! Learn some things, be entertained, or, if you’ve just come from the above festival, BE the entertainment.

  • Sat. Jun. 9 &bull: 8:00 PM
  • Visual Arts Center, 1812 W. Main St.
  • Free!

4. Latin Ballet of Virginia: Fiesta del Sol

If you attended last year’s i.e.* launch, you may have discovered, like I did, the Latin Ballet of Virginia. Let me tell you, they seem like the most fun people on the planet. And you know who likes fun? Kids! And you, probably! Bring your family to Maymont this Sunday to get your bodies moving to Latin American rhythms like salsa, mambo, cumbia, bolero, and more. Think about how cool they’ll be on Monday when all the other kids are like “Oh I went to the pool this weekend,” and your little cherubs are like “Well that is all very well and good, but I expressed my inner Latino/a by moving my tiny body to the firey beats of Africa, Cuba, and the Caribbean.”

  • Sun. Jun. 10 • 3:00 PM
  • Maymont Children’s Farm
  • Free!

5. NT Live: Frankenstein

We’ve learned a lot about plays and movies today, so allow me to throw you for a loop: this Sunday and Monday, you can see a live broadcast of a play ON A MOVIE SCREEN? You read me correctly! The National Theatre of London recognizes that we poor savages can’t just pop down and see the new Nick Dear play based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, so they’ve graciously agreed to broadcast it to our fair shores. Or, more accurately, the fair shores of lots of other countries. What’s the big deal? Well, it’s directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting) stars that guy from the awesome show Sherlock, that other guy from Trainspotting, and they ALTERNATE ROLES! So neat. Oh and also, Frankenstein is a cool story about lots of things.

  • Sun. Jun. 10 • 2:00 PM and Mon. Jun. 11 • 7:00 PM
  • Camp Concert Hall, Modlin Center for the Arts, University of Richmond, 28 Westhampton Way
  • $10 – $14.50

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  1. You should read that review, by the way. It elicited words from me like “whoa” and “aye karumba.” 
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