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Carnival rides, good times, a cinema classic with a musical rendition that no 3D movie can compete with, carbohydrate-licious Italian goodness, and a modern day band that’s one for the ages. All this is happening starting TONIGHT!

Football is a playin’, allergies are a menacin’, and the weather has been…really f-ing humid? While we may not be into the autumn frame of mind just yet, we are getting mighty close to the Fall (no, not this Fall, but this fall). This time of year is a big festival-laden cyst of all sorts of pus-rich viscosity (OK, maybe that wasn’t the best way of putting it). But no matter which analogy strikes you, we have some really f-ing fantastic S-word happening. Let’s get to it…

1. Virginia State Fair

Animals? Check Food? Check Rides that will make grandma puke so hard her dentures fall out? Check. The 2011 State Fair is happening…and it ain’t way up in northern Virginia! You can expect fireworks, a BMX stunt show, flying dogs, racing pigs, and exotic animals.

We’re also giving away FREE tickets to this shindig. Simply fill out the form below:

  • Sep. 29 – Oct. 9  •
  • The Meadow Event Park, 13111 Dawn Blvd Doswell, VA 23047 (located off I-95 exit 98)
  • Tickets $7 – $15

2. 2nd Street Festival

The 2nd Street Festival is happening this weekend. Get stoked! You see, back in the day, 2nd Street was the hotspot for a vibrant African-American community (Richmond was called the “Harlem of the South,” after all), and what this festival aims to do is bring back the classic sense of community to historic Jackson Ward. There’s going to be a TON of food, live music, and things to keep the kids entertained.

  • Sat. and Sun., Oct. 1-2 • Saturday: Noon to 7 p.m. & Sunday: Noon to 6 p.m.
  • Jackson Ward
  • FREE admittance

3. Casablanca w/ live symphony

I’m going to level with you…I’ve NEVER seen Casablanca. Ever. I know, I know—only a truly terrible person would be remiss in seeing this cinematic classic. Well, not only do I want to experience this, what many consider to be a masterpiece, I want to do it in style. This Saturday at the Carpenter Theatre, we can watch the classic film with a LIVE accompaniment by the Richmond Symphony. Yeah, you read that correctly. Screw the 3D gimmick…we have a symphony playing along with a movie! Here’s looking at you, Richmond Symphony.

  • Sat., Oct. 1 • 8pm
  • Carpenter Theatre, 600 East Grace Street
  • Adult tickets are $18 – $76

4. Italian Street Festival

Parlo italiano? No? Very well. I guess we shall have to communicate in our lingua franca. But that’s just fine with me (I don’t remember much of my Italian classes anyway). Now, if your culinary experience with Italian food is limited to Papa John’s and Chef Boyardee…you need to quit being a Philistine. Italy is rife (RIFE) with history and heritage. One downside, though, is that Italy is SUPER expensive to visit. But that’s OK! This weekend brings with it the Italian Street Festival. Load up on some great food, events to keep the bambini at bay, and drink up the Italian wine, beer, and lemoncello.

  • Sat., Oct. 1 – Sun., Oct. 2  • Saturday: 11am – 8pm & Sunday: 11am – 6pm
  • Horticultural Gardens, Richmond Raceway Complex thru GATE 4
  • $5 for individual tickets, or a book of 6 for $25

5. They Might Be Giants

These guys have been around since 1982—the year I was BORN, y’all. Not many bands can claim that kind of longevity. They have released 15 albums in their career, so they will have no shortage of songs from which to choose when they play the National tonight. Get the weekend started right. Thumbs up, everybody, for rock n’ roll!

  • Thur. Sep. 29 • 8pm
  • The National, 708 E. Broad St.
  • $26.50
photo by Jill Clardy 
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