2015 in review: Q4

We did it! We made it through another year!

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Photo by @brentcavedo.


The month of Joaquin! Well, a weekend of Joaquin. That dang hurricane put much fear into us–then weakened or went out to sea or something. Who can even remember.

A couple of local high school students talked about their recent Yellowstone National Park trip, which sounds like a maybe not that interesting thing, until you learn more about why they were there and what they did during their stay.

Sam Davies interviewed one of the minds behind Atomic Robo, a comic book made in Richmond–and not just any comic, one of the absolute best.

The Maggie Walker monument plan was proposed, only to begin the Great Broad Street Tree Controversy! Commenters say bizarre things like “Half the city is named after Maggie Walker already! This is the only tree on Broad Street!” RVANews staffers try to come up with more than two places named after Maggie Walker and fail. All of the other Broad Street trees get miffed about how everyone always thinks Sally is SO special because she’s on a triangle instead of a rectangular block like the rest of them. The earth continues to spin, despite all of the above.

Speaking of which, Maat Free wrote an eye-opening piece about the Slave Trail Commission. These are good to read about in tandem.

Virginia Union University, Chamberlayne Avenue, and all those surrounding areas are getting urban planned!

Restaurant Week did its think, and Fake Richmonder had a hard time deciding which restaurant to go to.

And, finally, Aaron Williams gave us a heads up as to what we might expect from the first year of the VCU Wade Era.

Our most-read story in October

Richmond’s first hotel puts out welcome mat for regional, global visitors

Our best headline

Proposal to rent ACCA Shrine temple, shriners not included by Richard Hayes, of course.

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Heaton Johnson continued to slay it on the photoessay front with some Humans of VCU photos that made us feel pretty old.

And then there was a COYOTE IN JAMES RIVER PARK! Which…turns out…is not that uncommon of a ting?

Guys, we almost royally effed up and titled Kathryn Pullam’s interview of Kathrine Switzer “1st Female Boston Marathoner Isn’t Finished Yet,” because our love of puns sometimes eclipses our LOVE OF LOGIC!? And I do mean “we,” multiple people in our office didn’t notice that this looked like we were saying that she is still, decades later, trying to complete that damn marathon.

National Adoption Month shredded on the heartstrings, bringing with it a series of wrenching adoption stories from both sides of the process. We’re pretty sure this was our favorite, although it’s hard to pick.

Sometimes you just need a pat.

David Shultz, who is one of my very favorites, wrote this highly entertaining and thoroughly informative review of sorts about the VMFA’s (current!) Rodin exhibit.

This was one of those things that the beer fans in the office suggested, to which I respond with an utterly blank look that could either mean confusion, brain death, or quiet contempt. It ended up working out, as it mostly always does! You win, beer fans!

Our most-read story in November

Drones over Richmond.

Our best headline

Happy Spamsgiving, Richmond! by Heaton Johnson V.

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Pink and white River

Photo by: Rick Chittick


GardenFest of Lights was no joke this year.

ABC opened its “upscale boutique”.

“An hour of code” seems like a cool idea, but I would need a tutor, please.

Some people enjoy going back in time for a living!

Lumpkin’s Jail site gets the “what’s the plan” treatment.

Sam Davies deliberately teaches his daughter the F-word. No havoc ensued!

We thought a whole lot about grief during the holidays and so did a lot of you. And so did a lot of other unfortunate people.

Jokes about “phrases that start with save” do NOT go over well with some people. On that same note, every single person in the world corrected us that this white squirrel is technically not a true albino. Don’t you guys have, like, work to do?

Make your 2016 performing arts goals!

Our most-read story in December

Virginia ABC Opens upscale boutique store in Short Pump, offers unique shopping experience.

Our best headline

Our House: The Power Pad and the glory, or when it’s time to level up by Catherine Baab-Muguira.

— ∮∮∮ —

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