2009 RVA gift guide

Instead of spending Christmas Eve running around a crowded mall, strap on your walking shoes and hit the streets of Richmond to pick up some unique gifts supplied by your local merchants.

Thanksgiving is long gone, and you’re stuffed on turkey and family time. Just when you think you can relax, you remember your never-ending holiday shopping list lurking in the shadows. What will you get Mom? Or your boyfriend who has everything. Don’t stress. When it comes to shopping, you’ve got plenty of options right here in Richmond. Instead of spending Christmas Eve running around a crowded mall, strap on your walking shoes and hit the streets of Richmond to pick up some unique gifts supplied by your local merchants.*

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the 2009 RVA gift guide…

For Mom

Tea time

After a long day of work and running errands Mom needs some downtime. This teapot will do all the dirty work for her, so she can sit back and relax. With a teabag holder in the pot, all you need to do is add water and enjoy. That’s one less worry to scratch off the list. ($20, Mongrel)

Teapot, Mongrel, $20

This bud’s for you

Here’s a great spin on the classic flower vase. Instead of watching your pretty petunias slowly wilt away, snip those stems off and place the colorful buds in the Flower Bud Vase ($30) found at Strawberry Fields Flowers and Gifts.

bud vase
Bud vase, Strawberry Fields Flowers and Gifts, $30


That’s how mom will feel after visiting the in-laws and making food this holiday season. Release the tension by treating her to a day at the spa. Salon Vivace in Cary town offers holiday spa packages ranging from the “express” package including a facial, mani and pedi ($90) to the Celebrity Favorite, (guaranteed to make mom feel like a celeb for the day $290). You’ve just won yourself some major brownie points.

For Dad

It’s a tie

Yes, a tie isn’t the most creative gift for Dad, but a personalized tie from Peter-Blair will surely raise those furrowed eyebrows. Known for their collection of ties and bowties, the good folks at Peter-Blair can help you personalize any tie with Dad’s favorite logo, mascot, or symbol. It’s sure to be the envy of all the guys at the office. ($40/tie)

Family meating

No one loves a big meal more than Dad. Skip out on those expensive dinners out and head over to the Belmont Butchery for some supreme selections of poultry, pork, beef, and sausages that are sure to make anyone’s mouth water. With different choices arriving every week, you are bound to find something deserving of your father’s attention. (Prices vary)

For Your Lady Friend

Go-go girl

Women are busy these days, there’s no doubt about it. Whether it’s picking up the groceries or heading off for a weekend trip, this large tote bag will hold everything she needs to take with her. ($20, Mongrel) Add a personalized luggage tag ($6, Strawberry Fields) and she’s ready for any vacation… (hint, hint).

tote bag
Tote bag, Mongrel, $20)

luggage tags
Luggage tag, $6, Strawyberry Fields Flowers and Gifts

Scarf it up

Sure everyone loves snuggling on the couch when it’s cold, but a girl’s gotta get out sometime. And when she does, she’ll appreciate a warm scarf that doesn’t make her look like Grandma. March yourself over to Pink in Cary town to browse their complete collection of scarves. This crocheted number is sure to knock her socks off. ($70, Pink)

crochet scarf
Crocheted scarf, Pink, $70

Got the brunchies?

Skip your usual outing to the local greasy spoon and treat your lady to the Sunday Champagne Brunch at The Jefferson Hotel. Indulge from their extensive menu, which includes some of the best seasonal fare, while listening to the music of the Skip Gailes Trio. ($100/couple)

For Your Gentleman Caller

On the rocks

The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about your whiskey getting watered down. Grab your man some Whiskey Rocks ($23, Mongrel) and give him one less thing to whine about. Just place these in the freezer and in no time you have perfect ice cubes without the melty mess.

Lesson learned

The couple that plays together stays together- isn’t that how the saying goes? Invest in some time together and pick a class that interests you both. Key Signatures offers a wide range of music lessons, from drums to piano, and even the ukulele At $25 per lesson, making music together can be beautiful and affordable.

Not musically inclined? Grab your chef’s hat and start up the oven. Mise En Place located in Shockoe Bottom offers hands-on classes covering many different cooking topics. ($75/person)

For Co-Workers or Friends

Mug it out

You know that grody coffee mug that your co-worker uses everyday? It’s about time for a replacement. Strawberry Fields has a great collection of personalized initial mugs, and for only $15 you can afford to get a few for the office. Feel like splurging a little? Why not get a dog mug from Murphies ($42)? These one-of-a-kind mugs are hand-crafted to look just like Fido and are sure to keep your work-buddies wired throughout the day.

Initial mug, Strawberry Field Flowers and Gifts, $15

dog mugs
Dog mugs, Murphies, $42

For the Boss

Glass kisser

You’ve always been a Richmonder at heart, but your boss left his heart in San Fran. Set the differences aside this holiday season and pick up a Geography Glass from Murphies ($12). With glasses designed for all 50 states, most big cities and even a few countries, you are bound to find one that’s near and dear to his heart.

geography glasses
Geography glasses, Murphies, $12

Collective thoughts

Invest in a monthly contribution to your boss. Get together with your co-workers and buy her a membership to the Orchid of the Month club. Before you know it, your boss will have quite the collection of rare flowers to brighten her mood when things go haywire around the office. How thoughtful. ($30/month, Chadwick & Son)

Stores/Services featured:

2924 W. Cary St.

Strawberry Field Flowers and Gifts
423 Strawberry St

Salon Vivace
3426 W. Cary St

5413 Patterson Avenue

Belmont Butchery
15 N. Belmont Avenue
(804) 422-8519

3158 West Cary St

The Jefferson Hotel
101 West Franklin Street
(804) 788-8000

Key Signatures
5705 Grove Avenue
(804) 282-1813

Mise En Place
104 Shockoe Slip
(804) 249-1332

3141 W Cary St
(804) 359-4898

Chadwick & Son
203 N. Belmont Avenue

*All products/services their respective prices were accurate at press time.

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Lindsey Norment

Lindsey Norment is a freelance graphic designer currently living in Richmond and working for a local law firm. During the week, she spends her free time occupying space at the gym so she can continue to binge on any food containing cheese. On the weekends, you can find her hanging out with her usual crowd around the Fan. She loves discovering new websites and spends hours reading and shopping online.

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  1. Rosalee Cline on said:

    This is a wonderful article! I am ready to shop now. Lindsey Norment is a saavy investigator who has alleviated my stress. Thanks. We need more of this!

  2. Jessica Rose on said:

    Christmas shopping in downtown Richmond made easier thanks to this guide! Thanks for the insight.

  3. Beverly Sweeney on said:

    What great ideas! I love the Cary Street area and you’ve hit on some places I have not visited, plus a few other places outside of Cary Street that I’ll have to visit as well.

  4. Charlie Lintecum on said:

    I have almost completed my shopping and am proud to say it is almost all local (save a couple of small items from Target, Kroger and World Market)!! My shopping also includes 3 birthdays and an anniversary.

    I have purchased at the following:
    Chop Suey – Carytown
    Bizarre Market (upstairs at Chop Suey)
    World of Mirth – Carytown
    Fountain Bookstore – Shockoe Slip
    Antique Boutique & Delectable Collectibles – Shockoe Slip

    I have a few more things left and they will be most certainly local!

  5. Charlie Lintecum on said:

    Oh I forgot to mention Ava’s Day Spa and Salon – TJ Maxx Shopping Center West Broad

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