Yes We Did

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Matthew McDonald

I see you.

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  1. I have never been so proud to be an American. We did it…

  2. andrew hunter on said:

    As someone from Illinois whose vote matters in so much that I voted (for Obama)…thank you Virginia!

  3. Scott Burger on said:
  4. Liberty on said:

    does anyone know what gang sign the guy with the Obama sign is throwing in picture #9? The last thing Richmond needs is gang presence.

  5. cagitate on said:

    Gang sign? What? Hand gestures do not equal gang signs.

    Besides, Richmond has plenty of gangs already. What’s funny is that RPD said we had none until there was federal funding available to fight gangs. Then overnight we’d grown a serious gang problem…

    But come on- this post is about the election, not your fear of black people posing for a picture.

  6. Honestly, that is NOT a gang sign. It is an open palm! Not a hand guesture.

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