Top Chef fantasy league: get your oven mitts ready

As Christian rides off into the sunset on his fierce, fabulous, and flawless steed, we’re left wondering “How will we spend our Wednesday nights?” Of course, RVANews has the answer.

I said earlier that I would be posting a final wrap-up of Project Runway, but seriously, we know Christian won, horrah horrah, fierce, fabulous, flawless, amen.

The big news coming out of Christian’s win was the conclusion to Project Runway Fantasy League 2k7. The winner? Sam “Don’t Call Me Fetch” Fetchero, snatching victory from quite the women-heavy league.

But now that Project Runway is over, what the mess are we supposed to watch on Wednesday nights? More over, what are we supposed to talk about all the time?

Fear not, Internets. RVANews is proud to present Top Chef Fantasy League 2k8.

Yes! We’re at it again! Aren’t we nuts and awesome?!?!?

This time around we are doing things a bit differently than we did with the aforementioned PRFL2k7. Instead of having a weekly (time consuming) draft, this time around you pick six players for the entire
season. If all of your players are eliminated in the first six shows, too bad. STOP WHINING ABOUT IT. You can read the rules at the bottom of this post.

Season 4 of Top Chef premiers tonight at 10:00pm and since we couldn’t get our acts together the first episode is kind of waste anyway, we won’t start the draft until the following week. So, watch the first episode, take copious notes (like I’m sure this PRFL2k7 finalist will), watch it again when they rerun 8,000 times, and choose your dream team by 6:00pm on Wednesday March 19th.

When you’re ready, go here to make your picks. Heck, you can even choose RIGHT NOW if you want. That would be pretty ballsy.

Also, our platonic friends at Sticky Rice are joining us in this epic battle of cunning and cutlery. Think of it like two friendly divisions. However, I fully expect you, dear Internets division, to unleash a black torrent of bits upon our Sticky competition. BLACK TORRENT (and evil if possible) (with scary masks) (and possibly red-hot tridents).

The rules:

  • 10pts: wins the Elimination challenge
  • 5pts: ends up in the top three
  • 5pts: wins the “Quick Fire” challenge
  • 3pts: gets praise from Padma
  • 2pts: gets praise from Tom
  • 2pts: gets praise from the Guest Chef
  • -5pts: ends up in the bottom three of the “Quick Fire”
  • -5pts: ends up in the bottom three of the Elimination Challenge
  • -3pts: goes to the hospital
  • -3pts: drops a pot or pan
  • -1pts: cuts him/herself
  • -1pts: gets sick
  • -1pts: gets in a fight
  • -1pts: starts a fire
  • -1pts: drops a plate

Remember, picks must be in by no later than 6:00pm on Wednesday March 19th.

Make it your business to get them in on time.

Let the flames begin!

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Valerie Catrow

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