In some ways, we’re like “eBay for data”.

What does your start-up business do?

SpendShare helps companies collaboratively exchange data to improve their customer understanding and advertising effectiveness. In some ways, we’re like “eBay for data”. We specialize in data where individual companies only have a piece of the picture and enable them to partner with other companies to build a statistically complete picture of a consumer. We do this while keeping all data anonymous to protect consumer privacy. We believe we’re moving to a world where consumers will and should have more control over their data — and we’re building for that future.

How did your venture start?

We launched just over 100 days ago with a team assembled from some of the best data analytics and technology companies in RVA. So far we’ve filed patents, launched our prototype in the cloud, and have some great traction across the universe of our prospective clients. We’re currently gearing up for our seed round of fundraising which should drive us through the launch of our beta, targeted for the second half of this year.

How will you use the $10,000 cash prize to help your start-up?

We plan to use it support our beta software development and client engagement work. A big reason for us to compete in i.e.* was to drive awareness of what we’re doing with prospective investors and talent here in RVA. So far the attention has been super helpful and we’re excited to get Richmond thinking, not just about SpendShare, but about all the fantastic data science, marketing analytics, and cloud computing talent we have locally. That’s a big asset in the next wave of technology revolution — one that RVA could really stand out in if we recognize and act on the opportunity as a region and community.

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