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hop to it

IPAs illicit one of two responses. A broad smile and evil glint of the eye or a scrunched up nose and I just ate a juniper tree expression. It’s the mighty hop plant, the cilantro of the brewing world, that makes an IPA so divisive. Well those hops have to come from somewhere and for some local brews that somewhere is local. RVA BizSense.com has a profile of Piedmont Hops.

Goode said that given the size of his harvest, the field should yield about 250 pounds of hops a year. However, since some of the plants have not reached full maturity, Piedmont Hops’ 400 plants will probably yield about 200 pounds of hops this year.

seeing red

When I’m not regaling you with stories and stunning you with typos you’ll often find me in the stands at Richmond Kickers games with the local supporters group Red Army. Last Wednesday the Red Army were invited down to Trapezium Brewing to check out the facility and get the scoop on a new beer brewed specifically for the Red Army.

The Kickers already have their own beer Kick it Honey by Wild Wolf but Trapezium reached out and wanted to do beer specifically for the rowdy fans in the corner. The Army had a great time meeting with head brewer James Frazier and his passion for his craft was readily apparent.


The beer they came up with is Red Army Red IPA, 6.3% ABV, 74 IBU, “An American IPA brewed with a strong malt Backbone, and a blend of resinous, dank and citrus hops.” It will only be available at the Kicker’s game against Swansea City on July 16th so if you want to try it you’ll need to be at the game.

You ain’t from around these parts

It’s a sin for a site focused on local to go astray but I can’t help myself. This past weekend I was in Charleston, SC. I love that town for the same reasons I love Richmond. Great food, friendly folks, and awesome beer. During previous trips we had hit up Holy City Brewing, Revelry, and Palmetto. All great spots.

Most recently we hit Frothy Beard, Coast, and Westbrook. Each spot is well worth your time to visit. If I could only go to two when visiting I’d hit Frothy Beard and Holy City but I’d make sure and pick up some Coast at a local bottle shop like the Beer Cellar. Be sure to talk up the staff, they’ll point you to the latest and greatest, with honest opinions.

Brews & Burlesque

The name tells you pretty much all you need to know. Here’s the missing info., six dancers will entertain and titillate at Strangeways, Friday at 9 PM. If you’re the kind of person that needs every last detail check out the Facebook event.


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