2007 Richmond Blog Awards: The winners!

The time is finally here! You can quit haranguing me! Vanna the envelope please! The first name that I’m going to call is …

Check out the full results for all 14 category winners.

The First Annual Richmond Blog Awards results tell us that while some established blogs took top honors as expected, new blogs on the scene prove that they can have an impact and that there is room for the Richmond blogosphere to grow.

It is not is surprise to see that quirky yet relatable blogs like Awkward Things I Say To Girls ran away with Funniest Blog and Most Addicting Blog and the Best Food Blog went to local foodie extrordinaire Brandon Eats. They have been mainstays on the blogging scene and found their way into the bookmark folders or many a resident.

While the ubiquitous CHPN took top honors for Best Community Blog, its creator John Murden earned Post of the Year Honors by challenging people in other neighborhoods to start their own community blogs.

It spurred copycats in most every neighborhood of the city and earned them (collectively) the Best New Blog in 2007 award. None of these blogs existed on New Year’s Day last year but their arrival has helped gel together neighborhoods and provide news on a micro-level that the paper is not getting done.

Speaking of news, RVANews took honors for Best Design and took second for Best New Blog.

John Sarvay collected Blog of the Year for Buttermilk & Molasses with his insightful and inspiring coverage of the Downtown Planning Sessions and the release of the second Crupi report.

Check out the full results for all 14 categories!

Thank you to all for participating! We know that there are only 14 categories and next year we will expand as Richmond’s blogosphere grows, too. If you have a passion or something to say, don’t be afraid to start your own and maybe we will see you on the red carpet next year!

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Jon Baliles

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  1. So congratulations to the winners! If you’ll remember we have several prizes to give out (thanks to our generous sponsors!):

    • 10$ @ The Book Room: Post of the year — je ne sais pas
    • 10$ @ The Book Room: Best kept secret — RVANews. But, seriously how lame would it be to accept my own award? Therefore the prize will go to the second best kept secret: Alicia’s Pilgrimage, huzzah.
    • 10$ @ The Book Room: Best writing skills from a blogger — Misanthropic Review
    • A random box of CD’s from WVCW: Best diarist — Made in Richmond
    • 50$ @ openhouse: Blog of the year — Buttermilk and Molasses

    If you jokers want your prize stop by the PharrOut offices whenever you’d like.


  2. yay books!

  3. Pingback: je ne sais pas

  4. Yay random CD’s!

  5. Yay the affection and respect of my peers!

  6. Yay! Justin’s going to post more “love gone awry” tales more frequently!

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  9. Yay, second fiddle! Or was it third? Or fifth?

    You’d think the Colbert bounce would have counted for something…

    Congrats to all the winners. And the losers. Because it’s all awesome.

    Yay, Richmond.

  10. I may or may not have sent the survey to my mom.

  11. I volunteer at a retirement home and withheld meds until everyone cast a ballot for me.

  12. Not to toot our own horn but The Book Room is happy to support these bloggers in our own small way. For those of you who don’t know us we carry new (25% off list) and used (50% off list) books. We are not as literate as Chop Suey (think pulp mass market) but we do have some interesting things. We’ve only been in Richmond for 2 years but this is our 30th year in C’ville.

    I would tell you that our annual sale starts tomorrow but this already sounds way too much like an ad so congrats to all the winners!

  13. But where IS this wonderful Book room place?? I want an address and hours of operation so I can start spending!

  14. In Richmond – We are in Willow Place (NOT Willow Lawn). That is on Broad, east of Libbie, across from Target, in the same shopping center as Food Lion and Printer’s Alley. We are open from 10-7 M-Sat and 12-5 on Sundays. We will be moving into a larger space at the end of February but will be in the same shopping center (pending approval of Henrico County…)

    In C-ville – Rt 29 N next to Whole Foods.

    Come by and see us!

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  16. I just feel lucky to be nominated.

  17. I hope I pulled 5% so I can get matching funds next time around.

  18. Hey Bookstore Piet–

    Don’t you have a nice cookbook you’d like to present to the winner of the Food Blog award??

    the winner of the Food Blog award

  19. Throw the book at her!

  20. Brandon – Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer a book of nice uplifting sayings and stories? Your measured response to the gentleman who called you a snobby west-end rich boy would have used my annual allotment of goodwill towards man. Personally, I would need something to remind myself that not everyone is an a##!


  21. Isn’t it amazing what people will say? Whenever I get a comment like that, I just say to myself, “Now, what would John Sarvay do?” and go from there.

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