Style Weekly dines at Grandstaff & Stein Booksellers

Well that could have gone better.

From Style Weekly:

Entrees aren’t better than the starters. Pan-seared grouper ($18) is left uneaten by my table. Rubbery fish is served with Brussels sprouts that defy the menu’s description of crispy. Pork belly is notoriously easy to bungle, and sadly that happens here. The braised version ($15), topped with a blueberry-barbecue sauce, comes in large pieces without fully rendered fat. The flavors are right, with mildly fruity and tangy sauce cutting through the richness of the pork, but sauce can’t cover the improperly cooked meat.

It’s not all bad at Grandstaff & Stein Booksellers both the staff and the cocktails get a big thumbs up.

Grandstaff & Stein Booksellers, 2113 E Main St
Monday-Thursday 5-12 AM
Friday-Saturday 5-2 AM
Sunday Brunch 10:00-4:00 PM

Image: Grandstaff & Stein

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