Recent batch of car break-ins in Westover Hills

Also take a look at car break-ins over the past six months.

Update #1 — August 14, 2014; 9:15 AM

Add another one to the list. I came into work this morning with the following email in my inbox.

We had both of our cars broken into last night. Items taken. We are on 5000 block Evelyn Byrd rd. We are filing a police report.

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Original — August 13, 2014

It appears that car thieves are targeting our area currently over the past couple days rash of reports have shown up on the Westover Hills Neighborhood Association Facebook. Usually for everyone that is posted there are a bunch that aren’t.

RAIDS Online  can shows all crime in the area. The screenshot above is of car break-ins since July 30th. As you can see it’s reporting four car break-ins but not showing the one on Riverside Drive.

  • Our car was broken into last night (Tuesday), 5000 block of New Kent. Sunglasses stolen. Police contacted (en route as I post this), and will be urging them to increase patrols in the area given our neighbors car was broken into ~2 weeks ago.
  • Another call, this time 5200 block of Evelyn Byrd, car break early this morning (Monday), items taken, police notified. Please make sure your car doors are locked with any valuables stowed in the trunk or in your house. We are obviously being targeted right now.
  • 5100 block of Riverside Drive, a neighbor reports that a homeowner‘s car was broken into last night (Monday) while parked on the street. The police have been notified and the owner will file a report when he returns to town later today. It is not known if anything is missing at this point, but the car’s hood was opened.

Below shows the number of car break-ins in the area over the past six months.


There is another big batch of break-ins in Manchester during that same time period.


The two take aways, lock up your car and the RAIDS Online is a handy tool to check out what’s going on crime wise in the area.

RAIDS Online

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