Protesters hopping mad about Whole Foods’ newest meat offering

Protesters demonstrated outside Whole Foods Short Pump after the chain announced plans to sell rabbit meat.

Whole Foods Market has started carrying rabbit meat in some of its stores, and that’s not sitting well with some customers.

Executives at the store claims many customers have asked the chain to carry the meat for years, and they’re just yielding to those requests.

CBS6 covered the protests outside Whole Foods Market in Short Pump on Sunday, which were part of nationwide demonstrations:

Nationwide protests were staged this weekend in response to the Whole Foods Market decision to sell rabbit meat in select stores. Some people say eating a rabbit is like eating a pet.

Protesters hope the market will be swayed by their presence. A group of protesters (seen below) take responsibility for the Virginia Beach Whole Food Market’s decision to stop selling rabbit meat in July.

Protesters showed up Sunday at the Whole Foods in Short Pump, which now sells rabbit.

The rabbit meat won’t be sold at every location, but is being sold in the Mid Atlantic, northeast, North Atlantic, Midwest, and Northern California, according to

Read more at CBS6.

Photo: Jessica Cucka/Facebook

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  1. Sean Stilwell on said:

    Are they protesting chicken and beef too? Or just the rabbits?

  2. Curt Bader on said:

    The “hopping mad” headline is a worse crime than selling rabbit.

  3. Mike Seals on said:

    Seems like our society in general, if I think it’s wrong to eat rabbit , nobody should. I can empathize with their emotion, I’ve considered raising them for meat, very healthy, they breed like , well, rabbits, but I think I would have a difficult time processing them, having said that, I would never interfere with someone else’s desire to eat them. Are these protesters vegetarian?

  4. Lorrie Benton Carter on said:

    I am so excited. Let me guess, these morons are the ones that believe fish have feelings and ran the 4 wheel drives off the beach in OBX because it disturbed the birds and don’t eat deer meat because of “Bambi” blah blah blah?! Get a damn life people! Rabbits multiply exponentially 2 to a hundred in a year! Just because they have fur instead of feathers this makes it different? They aren’t taking your pet for God’s sake! This will make me start shopping there! I love rabbit. I have eaten it all my life.

  5. ConcernedPop on said:

    Hipsters Heroes Hate on Heir-Raising Wholefoods Hop Sale

  6. Gary on said:

    I thought Ferguson, MO was the only place that had unintelligent people get together to protest! I guess we can chalk up Henrico VA also.

  7. Jessica on said:

    Will anyone have a problem with horse meat being sold? They’re pets, too!

  8. steph on said:

    So they’re protesting Whole Foods, but not a single one of them has thought or cared to protest any of the restaurants around town that have been serving rabbit for a while now. Go home and do something that’s actually productive please.

  9. I was at the protest, everyone there was veg and cares about all animals. Since Whole Foods’ decision to sell rabbit is still in the testing phases, it made more sense to speak up for rabbits there than it does at establishments that have been selling it for years. Rabbits who are used for their meat suffer tremendously before being slaughtered, often while fully conscious since they get no protection under the humane methods of slaughter act, so spending an hour speaking up for them on a Sunday seemed like a great way to spend the afternoon.

  10. Rabbits are in cohorts with the Devil and should be made extinct as quickly as possible.

  11. Jacob K on said:

    morons….just saying….

    I stand up for cute fuzzy charismatic megafauna only!

  12. John Venable on said:

    But they’ll eat eggs, fowl, fish, lamb, hogs, beef, wear Leather boots and jackets….. This Bambi mentality is silly.

  13. Shaun on said:

    I don’t come protesting about the plants you kill to eat. Leave us alone. We eat meat and we have since our documented history. If you don’t like it try another planet or just keep quiet about it. This is not news.

  14. Nancy Wall on said:

    Rabbit is fabulous to eat! I have e a very good recipe for my slow cooker! Yum

  15. Karen on said:

    Looking forward to trying some rabbit!

  16. Abby on said:

    These people aren’t aware of how many local butcheries sell an assortment of meat that they’d likely get upset about. I’m pescatarian, but don’t get fussy about people eating animals that I choose not the eat. Lots of butcheries sell meat of animals that most people would consider as pets or wild.

  17. Mickie P on said:

    This is pretty hypocritical and silly. You’re either against killing and eating all animals (or, at least, all mammals) and protest that… or you keep quiet. A sweet, brown-eyed cow or an incredibly intelligent pig is as much to be respected and loved as a cute, furry bunny.

  18. Kyle McKenna on said:

    What we really need is for people to start eating deer.
    Millions of them everywhere, many at risk of starving.

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