Project Runway Episode 9: The parade of the mini-dresses

In which justice is served and I eat my words.

After last week’s debacle, I was honestly a bit relieved to get a week off to collect my thoughts and see if I even wanted to continue following this season of Project Runway. But alas, I’m a forgiving soul, and so we press on.

To recap, we’re down to just seven designers now: Rami, Jillian, Victorya, Christian, Sweet P (I know!), Chris (I know!!), and Ricky (I KNOW.) – not all of whom I thought would make it this far. Rami, Christian, and Jillian for sure, but those other three seem to kind of be like cockroaches.

grabbers.pngTo be frank, I was a bit disappointed by this week’s challenge. Those bastards built it up as if the designers were going to have to create a cocktail dress out of jet engine parts or something. Instead, they were given the task of creating “an iconic denim look that captures the spirit of the 501 legacy.” To give it a twist, the designers had to scamper around an airplane hanger and yank items from the Levi’s line (essentially their raw materials for the challenge) off a giant clothesline

Upon returning to the workroom, Christian’s giant head was back in action as he mocked the whole challenge (I realize that I did, too, but hey, I’m not here to make friends). But as usual, he took a completely different (and completely fabulous) route, opting to create a ridiculously well-tailored motocross-inspired look. I swear, his mouth never. stops. moving. and he still manages to get so much done in such little time. I fully expect him to say, “Oh, and I outfitted the entire cast of Rent will I was waiting for the rest of you jackasses to finish up.”

Jillian struck again with a beautiful concept that was perhaps a bit too ambitious for the short amount of time they had to work. Towards the end of the challenge, the other designers were demanding that she hold it together as she sat weeping at her sewing machine. She just doesn’t seem to have any concept of time. At all.

Meanwhile, as Jillian began work on a luxurious, detailed coat, Victorya was at work on the Target version, creating what looked like a sheet of fabric stapled to the bottom of a standard denim jacket. And, surprise surprise, she was still scrambling for time.

sweetp.pngAnd then with the mini-dresses. SO MANY MINI-DRESSES. However, I will say that they did give us a variety, with Rami and Ricky (gasp!) giving us the most structured and impeccably tailored looks. Sweet P showed that she’s continually reigning in her wild taste with a cute and slimming strapless number which she originally wanted to be wedding dress – all I can say is, thank God for Tim Gunn’s advice because Nina would blow a gasket at the thought of denim on your wedding day. I commend Chris for his thought process, choosing to take the iconic idea of the “little black dress” and trying to translate it to denim, but it ended up look, shall we say, hookerish?

hotstuff.pngThe runway left us with Christian, Rami, Sweet P and Ricky rounding out the top four and Victorya, Jillian, and Chris taking the bottom spots. I was sure Christian was going to rack up another win but I agreed with the judges choice to give this one to Ricky. His sassy dress was wearable, versatile and showed us why the mess this guy is still here.

In the end, Victorya got the Auf, no surprise really as Nina accused Victorya of being completely uninspired, despite the iconic status of the Levi 501 jean.

And now for the bits and pieces!

Nonwinning winner:

Sweet P turned it out on this one. She’s honing her editing skills and managed to get glowing reviews from all of the judges.

What we actually learned:

I well placed seam (a la Sweet P’s garment) can hide a multitude of sins.

Who I now love:

I just might stop the world from spinning with this one…Ricky. Ok, love is a strong word, but I feel like we really got to know him this week and it seems he’s got the desire to win without any feelings of entitlement (CHRISTIAN, I’M LOOKING AT YOU).

Who I now don’t love:

While I think Jillian is incredibly talented and will probably make it to Bryant Park, her constant blubbering this week was a bit much.

Who to watch out for:

Ricky. He just might be on a roll, kids.

Who’s next to go:

Sweet P. Clips for the next episode show Tim Gunn throwing a bona fide fit when looking at her garment.

Next week? Three letters: WWE. Get ready for the awesome. Until then…

Auf Wiedersehen!

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