Project Runway Episode 8: The A-games have been broughten

Crazy hair. Over-the-top dresses. This is what it’s all about, kids.

When the judges got rid of Chris, I was bummed. When Kevin got kicked off, I was disappointed. Now? Now, I am shocked, and maybe a little disenchanted with this entire process. All I can do is hope that the DVD box set from this season includes some previously cut scenes from the judges’ deliberation – scenes in which they are smoking magic markers and beating their heads against the runway, because those are the only excuses for what transpired in this week.

vlcsnap-13918124.pngThis week’s challenge actually involved fabric AND real models. The designers were asked to choose models based on their wacky hairstyles and use those hairstyles as inspiration for an avant-garde look. When they got back to the workroom, Tim Gunn informed them that they would be working in pairs, an exciting twist as that rarely happens so late in the season. As the designers didn’t choose their partners themselves, we were given a pretty interesting mix: Chris with Christian, Rami with Sweet P, Ricky with Kit, and Jillian with Victorya.

After collaborating on their designs and choosing whose model to use, the designers got to work. Halfway through the challenge, Tim Gunn threw a fabulous wrench into the process, asking them to create a day outfit inspired by the avant-garde look. He also upped the ante: the winning designs would be featured in a TRESemme ad.

vlcsnap-13919542.pngAs expected, Chris and Christian (AKA Team Fierce) got along beautifully, creating a stunning cascade of organza spheres and a cute ruffled top to compliment it. Not once did they argue and they actually seemed to be working together. To his credit, even though Christian seems overly-confident, he is quick to recognize strengths. Even though he was the leader on this one and their garment was based on his design, he explicitly pointed out that Chris’s costuming background was an asset to their team.

Perhaps the oddest couple was Rami and Sweet P. His designs are draped and classic; hers are quirky and sometimes not exactly put together. It seemed that Rami, their group leader, was nervous because of Sweet P’s struggles in previous challenges, and micromanaged her a bit, especially when she had to take on the responsibility to creating the day version of their look. And of course, Sweet P did a lot of opening her eyes really wide and saying “I don’t know what I’m going to do!”

vlcsnap-13919812.pngI thought Ricky lucked out in getting matched with Kit. She’s so easy going and had a great track record – no wins, but no stints in the bottom two. She took the spot as the leader for the group and headed up their construction of a garden-inspired hoop dress creation and its complimentary party dress.

Victorya and Jillian…hmmm…they are both so quiet and boring, I’m really not sure what they were up to because I might have fallen asleep. I’m sure some of it involved Jillian sighing and Victorya having trouble managing her time.

The runway show proved to be interesting. It was easy to tell that Chris/Christian and Jillian/Victorya created the superior looks. The judges went crazy over all of the garments, but did point out that perhaps Chris and Christian’s day look was a bit of an afterthought. However, it couldn’t be denied that their originial concept was phenomenal, earning Christian, the leader of Team Fierce, the win.

That left Kit/Ricky and Rami/Sweet P at the bottom. I knew it wouldn’t be Rami and I was pretty sure that Sweet P wouldn’t go because the judges actually preferred their group’s day outfit to the avant-garde dress. That left Kit and Ricky. Immediately, my heart jumped for joy. Ricky was more than overdue for an Auf and I was sure it would be the night.

No such luck.

As Kit was the team leader, she got the Auf for what the judges viewed as poor construction of a mediocre concept. And I’m starting to believe that the only way Ricky is getting kicked off this show is if he sends Rami down the runway in a bedsheet adorned with abalone shells. But knowing this season, they’ll probably deem that daring, bypass the entire Bryant Park nuisance, and declare him the winner.

I’m too angry to discuss it further. Moving on…

Non-winning winner:
Chris showed that he can run with the big boys. And I must say, I’m proud of him for making it this far.

What we actually learned:
There is actual thought behind some of the ridiculousness we see going down the runway during fashion week

Who I now love:
Christian was the best version of himself this week: sassy, yes, but also appreciative and encouraging.

Who I now don’t love:
Ricky. I should just tattoo “Ricky is lame” across my face. Or better yet, his face. How is he still here? How? HOW.

Who to watch out for:
Dare I say…Chris?

Who’s next to go:
Rami’s had a rough couple weeks. This might the end for the one-trick pony.

Despite my disappointment with how this episode played out, it’s look like the next one is going to be epic. Raw materials stored in a warehouse! Chris semi-scolding Jillian! Christian saying “Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabuloussssssssssss!” Get ready for greatness! Until then…

Auf Wiedersehen!

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