Police respond to 51 car related crimes over the past month

It’s worth repeating, lock your cars and don’t leave anything you value in your car.

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Lieutenant KeShawn Manns from Richmond Police Department

Greetings Sector 412 Residents,

First, I would like to thank the residents who have reached out to me and to those of you who were honest with me about “not locking” your vehicles. Feedback and communication is the first step in teamwork to get our theft from motor vehicles down. In addition, I’ve been frequently asked “what is causing the recent increase in thefts from motor vehicles (TFMV) and motor vehicle theft’s (MVT) in our sector”? Honestly, the word has gotten around to the criminal element that citizens are not locking their vehicles in the affected neighborhoods. In addition to that, these criminals have stolen items such as “firearms” to “hundreds of dollars in currency” from these unlocked vehicles! Here’s some important information to keep in mind! We’ve had 51 vehicle related crimes in the last 27 days! Please see the attachment for a map of the locations where these thefts have taken place.

This is extremely disturbing for our patrol units and our policing tactics, because it ties up our police resources for what is considered a preventable crime. Several juveniles have been arrested, but the issue is gradually getting worse since there’s still a significant amount of residents who continue to leave their vehicles unlocked. Based on my crime research, this has been an issue in our sector for several years now, but now it’s getting progressively worse!

Just last week, our officers arrested several individuals who were actually from another precinct within the city, riding stolen mopeds throughout our neighborhoods looking into vehicles. With that being said, we’ve talked about this issue repeatedly on social media outlets and during community meetings. We’ve also increased our patrol efforts within the affected neighborhoods in an effort to prevent the criminal element from progressing in their stealing efforts (i.e. breaking into homes)! So as your Sector Lieutenant, the best advice I can share with you is as follows:

  • Park in well-lighted areas
  • Park in well-traveled areas
  • Do not leave valuables in the car
  • Put valuables in the trunk
  • Do not use your glove box as a safe
  • Do not leave toll change in plain view

Last year during the month of October, our sector had 26 “TFMV” reported compared to 39 this year! That’s a 50% increase for a preventable crime! So in closing, we need each resident to assist us in combating this issue that’s currently plaguing our neighborhoods! Please share this information with your neighbors and friends who reside within our sector! We must stop sending these criminals the message we are available for these crimes to continue! Thanks in advance for your support!

Image: RPD

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