Old Liberty Valance Spot Turning into Something Not Nearly as Cool

Good news if you like video games.

Liberty Valance was a smoke filled western themed oasis of seasoned drunks that would come alive for karaoke and drinks in glass cowboy boots. It had a covered wagon entrance, stagecoach, jail, and more western tchotchkes than your crazy uncle’s estate sale. They fought the smoking ban in restaurants  but to no avail. The times changed and despite an effort to spruce up the front of the building including removal of the covered wagon, Liberty rode off into the sunset in the summer of 2011.

Image from 2011 RTD article on the closing.

In my heart I wanted to see it re-born. Perhaps that spot was magical and another themed restaurant would spring up. Pirates or knights serving me questionable steak and shrimp that never saw an ocean. Alas that dream is crushed as well. As you can see from the building permit a Game Stop is moving in. Game Stop sells and buys video games. Pirates and knights will be in the building but of the virtual variety and not the serving me a beer variety.

One would assume that spells the doom for the Game Stop in the Martin’s/Target Shopping center directly behind the Liberty Valance building. Which means one more empty store front in what is becoming a ghost town of a strip mall.

Image: RTD

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