Neighbors calling for left turn signal at Idlewood Avenue and S. Boulevard

The problem is compounded by detours in Byrd Park.

Commuters and neighbors have entered the intersection of Idlewood Ave & S. Boulevard into the SeeClickFix system in the hoping the city takes notice of a possibly dangerous intersection.

The intersection of Idlewood Ave & S. Blvd desperately needs a left turn signal. Whether you are heading East or West on Idlewood, the traffic flow comes from 195 in both directions. 10-15 cars will breeze through a green light while those who are yielding and waiting to turn left can miss multiple light cycles. This is dangerous because frustrated drivers often turn left on red and there is a risk that the other cars heading east/west may run the red light as well. The congestion in this area could be alleviated with a left turn signal at the intersection.

As one of the comments correctly points out this situation is exasperated due to the construction that is going on in Byrd Park near the statue of Columbus. That detour is pushing heavier than normal traffic onto Elwood which is resulting in even more delays and impatient drivers.

Currently the SeeClickFix ticket has 19 votes.

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Richard Hayes

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