Lots of Boys, Even Rancid Ones

The content of this article is less creepy than the title, I swear.

Lost Boys, even rancid onesFor the past few weeks, as I’ve been preparing to write this very column, I venture around the interweb gathering all the dates. As I do my research and listen to my music via my iTunes, without fail I always get caught off guard when I reach Alley Katz’ website. Seriously, click that link right now and tell me it doesn’t catch you off guard too!

Come on people! What genius thought a loud (not to mention bad) loop with super intense industrial noises would be a good idea?? As I thought about this today I even started filling out one of those online petitions, but gave up midway through the sign-up procedure for fear of upsetting someone … although I’m sure calling them out here will have a similar effect. For the record, Alley Katz = good venue. Alley Katz’ website = bad idea.

Better Late Than Never

We’ve established that December isn’t really known for a plethora of new releases. If something comes out now and isn’t going to be a huge seller, one can’t help but think it’s a little late. That can be said double for Rancid’s new collection, B Sides and C Sides, being released today via Machete. While none of these songs are technically new (especially if you’re an industrious online type), the collection does encapsulate some of the best songs the band has done outside of their first three albums. In fact, much like Metallica breaking up after “the black album” (don’t try to convince me those short haired anti-Napster types are the same band … I don’t buy it), Rancid, too, has been impersonated by fakes since the tour for And Out Come The Wolves ended. With hits like “I Wanna Riot” and “Killing Zone” you can’t miss.

The Boys Are Back In Town

Oddly, a few Toad’s Place shows this coming week feature “boy” bands… sorta. Thursday (12/13) Charlottesville’s Hackensaw Boys will performing their somewhat alternative form of bluegrass, supported by local alt-country-meets-classic rock favorites David Shultz & The Skyline. Also at Toad’s Place, the re-formed Boyz II Men will be taking the stage on Sunday (12/16). I can’t really say I expect that to be any good, but I’m sure people will enjoy re-living the ‘90s.

By far the best bet for live music this week will be the Ghastly City Sleep show, taking place at Gallery 5 on Saturday (12/15). If you’re not familiar with this incredible ex-Virginians who now call Brooklyn home, do yourself a favor and check it out … great shoegaze influenced textural indie rock. Not to mention the show will be awesome anyway with local roots musician extraordinaire Josh Small, plus Brainworms and Antlers also playing.

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Sean Patrick Rhorer

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  1. nice image… and i didn’t even think about the title being inappropriate until you added “The content of this article is less creepy than the title, I swear.”

  2. FYI team: I love Josh Small.

  3. mattwhite on said:

    I also love Josh Small

  4. antlers were awesome. just sayin’

  5. I couldn’t find a link (slash didn’t really look that hard) for Antlers. You got one?

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