Kickers Prediction Game of Awesome Round 8

Prior to every home game a panel of so called experts will predict the outcome of the Richmond Kickers game. Each expert receives 1 point for each correct prediction. At the end of the season the winner gets a trophy and pack of gum.

The last home game was a late one not wrapping up until close to 11:00 PM thanks to Mother Nature and her electrical might. Hopefully Saturday’s 7:00 PM game against Harrisburg City Islanders will go off without a hitch. The night will honor Kicker legend Ronnie Pascale for his amazing service to the Kickers and pro soccer. Check out the video below to revel in Pascale’s greatness and if you’re one of the first 500 in the stadium you’ll be able to wrap yourself up in a Pascale tee shirt.

The Richmond Kickers are at 6-1-5 on the season while Harrisburg City Islanders sit at a non-threatening 2-5-2. The last meeting between the two resulted in a Kicker victory thanks to last minute heroics by Kyle Porter. Tonight’s match preview is online.

Prediction Reasoning Score

RVANews Soccer Guru

Richmond-Kickers-Logo Whenever I see the Harrisburg logo I think of two things, the awful movie Semi-pro and OP shorts. One of those things you have to be stoned to enjoy and the other you likely got stoned in but either way it doesn’t scream winning.  Two wins in nine game is also not screaming winning. The facts are that it’s hard to bet against the Kickers right now. Eventually their schedule will catch up to them. 5

Red Army

Richmond-Kickers-Logo It’s Ronnie Pascale night, so the team should celebrate by scoring 22 goals.  Since not even Harrisburg is that bad, I’ll settle for 4.  They aren’t homer picks if the Kickers keep on winning, right? 4-1 to the Kickers. 5

Richmond Kickers

Richmond-Kickers-Logo Even though I come from an island myself, I’m not liking Harrisburg’s chances. I mean, come on now, it’s a night about Ronnie and we have to deal with these guys?! I just don’t see it happening. Win to the good guys. 5

Total Soccer Show

Richmond-Kickers-Logo Kickers win! We beat Harrisburg 3-2 on their little Island last week, and the return to a securely landlocked arena of battle will double Richmond’s goal threat, making it 6-2 Kickers at City Stadium. Except … it’s Ronnie Pascale Night, so both goalkeepers will show their respect for the Richmond legend by playing out of their minds. When I enter all that into my patented and highly scientific soccer calculator, I come up with a 3-1 Richmond win. 4

RVA News Soccer Guru (Richard Hayes): All of Richard’s soccer knowledge comes from playing FIFA on the original Playstation and standing in bars, drinking, and yelling at the television. He also helps run RVA DCU and American Outlaws Richmond Chapter, which mainly involves drinking and yelling at televisions.

Red Army (Matt Myers): Matt was sent off by Leigh Cowlishaw in a summer camp scrimmage as a pre-teen but has not held that against the team. He’s coming to grips with being a relatively old man now after seeing the youngsters in the Red Army and on the Kickers roster. He’s also attended way more matches than he should admit to, especially for having lived in Richmond a total of one out of the last 13 years.

Richmond Kickers (Kickeroo): The Kicker from down under. He doesn’t really like anyone who isn’t a fan of the Kickers. A daredevil who will pretty much try anything and everything but would rather not talk (on the advice from lawyers) about the incident with the scooter and the Flaming Hoop of Death. He’s also sensitive marsupial who enjoys long walks on a dew covered soccer field and watching the sun set behind the goal post. He also shares something with the new Kickers beer, Kick it Hunny: Hops.

Total Soccer Show (Daryl Grove): Daryl is English so every thing he says about footsoccerball naturally carries more weight because he says it a British accent. He is also part of the excellent local radio show and podcast Total Soccer Show that keeps track of all soccer related things in an intelligent and fun way. If you’re not listening to the Total Soccer Show you need to change that post haste.

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Richard Hayes

When Richard isn’t rounding up neighborhood news, he’s likely watching soccer or chasing down the latest and greatest craft beer.

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