John B. Cary Elementary parents upset over potential teacher transfers

“You are systematically stripping this school until nothing is left,” one angry parent reportedly said in a recent meeting on the pending changes.


Some parents at John B. Cary Elementary School in Richmond are furious that four teachers may be transferred out of the school just weeks after the start of the school year and as their children are settling in.

Moving the teachers — one each in kindergarten, first, second and third grades — is part of a process to ease overcrowding at other city schools in order to meet funding requirements, Dana T. Bedden, the school system’s superintendent, said Wednesday.

But that’s not sitting well with parents who complain the move will disrupt students and cause irreparable damage to children living in poverty or with special needs who are already dealing with difficult circumstances.

What do you think? Are the moves necessary to reduce class sizes and to be fair to other schools, or are school officials making these transfers at the wrong time, mid-school year?

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Photo: Richmond Public Schools

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