Good Evening, RVA: Things, vacancies, bad titles, and Fashion Revolution Day

Why are we here? Nobody knows.

Photo by Jonathan Brown

It was a something or other day in RVA.

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Photo by: SixRevisions

All the small things

I’ve been looking at this picture all day and wanting really badly to touch the screen of my computer. Maybe…maybe I did. Anyway, there are things for you to do with your tots this weekend, and one of them includes denim. MUST TOUCH SCREEN ABOVE.

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Scary skyline

Photo by: Michael Chronister

An that’s actually really interesting although you may not believe me

Aaron Williams takes on vacancy funding for us, and the result is a golden opportunity for you to learn for free!

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Photo by: ehpien

Electric slide…over to this article?

We put our pun heads together and couldn’t figure out a good title for this one, which is about Tesla, the new Model 3, and what your incentives are for owning one. The result is meh, sorry.

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Photo courtesy of Love This, from last year’s Fashion Revolution Day.

You know what’s not meh?

Fashion Revolution Day! Go tag-out tomorrow–assuming you are mildly interested in the fact that we are destroying the quality of life for humans every day of our lives–and tell everyone about Love This and Fashion Revolution Day. You will change hearts and minds for real.

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Bill Nye, where have you been all my life

Oh right, on TV.


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