Good Evening, RVA: Things to do, people to listen to, art to look at, and, of course, things to drink

What’s the party?

Photo by: Rick Chittick

It was a vibrant day in RVA.

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Yellow bike

Photo by: TheodoreWLee

You had me at ice cream

This week’s 5 Things for Families will make you want to just steal someone else’s family and bring them to all of these things. Don’t steal a family! Make your own! Ask your parents how!

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Lakshmi Challa

You had me at “outstanding woman”

The third in our series of audio chats with the YWCA’s Outstanding Women Award honorees–it’s Lakshmi Challa, a very fascinating and very cool immigration lawyer. Nay, THE immigration lawyer to know.

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You had me at street art

Arshan Yazdan sent us these photos of last weekend’s RVA Street Art Fest in Manchester, and we instantly fell in love with them. I’ve spent most of today grumbling about how I wish I were some sort of visual artist, and then, magically, I became one! I mean, maybe I did! YOU don’t know!

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What's the plan

You had me at Giles

Ross Catrow and Giles Harnsberger are one of my favorite duos of individually great people. One is my boss so WOW, HE IS SO THUMBS-UP EMOJI and one is a person who lovingly explains everything about the City and City Doings to us while she helps change kids’ lives and improve the city via Groundwork RVA. Anyway, they got together for their cool urban planning podcast and included Garet Prior. The three of them talked about many things: RPS funding, Maggie Walker’s very own plaza, and some other stuff.

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Gin and tonics

Photo by: Robert S. Donovan

You had me at alcohol

Annie Tobey continues to wait out her moratorium on writing about beer–but the results are that the other alcohols get some time to shine! Here is In Your Cups and it involves much about Shakespeare??

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You had me at Wolverine

And the other guys.

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