Good Evening, RVA: The yesterdays, the todays, and the tomorrows

It’s a real roller coaster ride!

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It was a glorious day in RVA.

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Writing by the water

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Writers rejoice!

Catherine Baab-Maguira has put together this guide to Virginia’s writing colonies! If you’re thinking “group of people who mill about wearing black turtlenecks and acting eccentric,” you…might not be that far off? At its heart, a writing colony is a place free from distractions, where you can git ‘er done (“‘er” meaning “your novel or whatever”).

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Do not ignore dark stains on the past, but instead try make up for them in the present

This Capital News Service piece about Virginia’s history of lynchings is shameful and awful to read, but read it you must. This was the era and the spirit, it points out, in which Richmonders erected tributes to the Confederacy.

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The SOLs are about to get nerdier!

Gov. McAuliffe, with a flourish of his completely outdated ink-bearing pen onto totally archaic “paper,” added Computer Science to the spate of SOLs today. This is both good and bad–it’s good that the very valuable and useful subject will be added to the nearly frantic “must get this done or else” SOL-based curriculum, but it’s bad in that…well, the bad part is also in that sentence.

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National Foster Care Month continues

This week, we speak with Nadine Marsh-Carter, President of the Children’s Home Society of Virginia, who takes us through a lot of information–what it’s like to meet your kids for the first time, what CHS hopes to do, and what kind of help they need. It’s an informative listen!

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Spoiler alert

Things blow up. (Also, did you have any idea that song was an eternity in length?)

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