Good Evening, RVA: The rain must end and then we will all do fun things

OK fine, let’s just talk about rain.

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It was an on-again, off-again day in RVA.

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Fire up the family-mobile

Something to do that may or may not require rainboots–who can even think of such things right now? My brain has turned to mud! Luckily, Valerie Catrow is still thinking clearly and has rounded up five things for you and yours to do this weekend. Because holy moly, do I want to get out of my house and office and breathe oxygen.

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Sidewalk chalk

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This month’s festivals

…Are not to be trifled with! When poor ol’ Rachel Marsh started this job in February, she probably never dreamed that this easy, sparse column would end up taking her so much time. And then it became spring, Rachel. And then it became spring. Now you have a ton of work to do, so as to bring people the many festivals they will be attending this month. And they thank you for it!

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And if you end up being stuck inside for Mothers Day…

…At least you’ll know you’ve gotten her a rad, local gift.

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But hey, it’s supposed to clear up Saturday (?)

So you can hit up the East End Festival. That link will take you to the new updated schedule with actual times! Please note! The Symphony has changed its performance to Saturday due to the weather. No BS! Brass Band will still be doing a set (extended!) on Friday night, and Desiree Roots will be performing with the Symphony on Saturday. GUYS, it is going to be very fun.

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And there’s always breweries to dream about, even if it doesn’t

Vasen Brewing Co., your presence is probably very welcome!

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These opposing viewpoints make me laugh

One’s a rage-laugh though. Meternity and WTF IS METERNITY.

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