Good Evening, RVA: Stage 2 parenting, solid police work, drinking outta cups, recycling those cups

SMH at you, temperature.

Michael Chronister

It was a frigging stupidly cold day in RVA.

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A brand new column!

We’ve got a new column about all things alcohol! And it’s by ANNIE TOBEY. Guys, like THE Annie Tobey, who you may have read about in every single Good Morning, RVA ever, because Ross Catrow loves her writing. And now so can you, RVANews reader! We present to you the very first In Cups.

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A road

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An old but good column!

Sam Davies’s Raising Richmond this week is all about when you realize you’re not a new parent anymore. He realized it awhile back when he had his second kid, but suddenly his kids are the oldest kids at the party and he has to do virtually nothing to keep them alive BECAUSE THEY DO MOST OF IT THEMSELVES! When did that happen?? New parents: take heart. It gets so easy.

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Red recycle

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Recycling: serious business

Happy Earth Month all! Here’s an ode to/takedown of the recycling process, courtesy of Mariane Matera.

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Dudes and a gun

Photo by: Several seconds

Saving lives: actual serious business

I spoke with Chief Alfred Durham of the Richmond Police Department (as well as Emily Barker from the YWCA) about some initiatives that the police are taking to stem this scary trend of violence we’ve been seeing lately. They are both certainly things you should be aware of, because you, personally, can help. And why wouldn’t you want to help people not be victims of violent assault?

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A funny thing about the RPD

They didn’t just name the program GUNS250 because you can get up to $250 for a good tip on an illegal gun carrier/owner/user, the also named it that because you are giving guns 2 5-0. Chief Durham wouldn’t take credit for it himself, but if I find out who named it, I’m hiring them stat.

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