Good Evening, RVA: Some good things, some bad things

Take back your picture in the frame!

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It was a blah day in RVA.

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The best kind of festival is a food kind of festival–and this weekend brings us the Lebanese Food Festival! Or, learn about food at the Science Museum. Or, just do the other three things in 5 Things for Families and call it a day!

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Sam and Ross like things SARLT

One hundred likes

In this very special episode of Sam and Ross Like Things, you get to learn how Ross likes the best television show of all time, and Sam likes thumbs ups. As a result, I give everyone a thumbs ups and a “Flameo, Hotman!”

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Patient right off Amelia Street.

Five good books

Our reading column is back with a revamped name and a brand new author! Give Julie Glover some love for supplying you with the best of all to-do lists: your monthly reading guide.

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Beautiful Richmond

Photo by: Michael Chronister

The best possible thank you

A bag full of local and/or delicious stuff! JK, it’s all delicious! No “or” required! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to come up with a very wonderful and very curated wedding gift bag–you know, the thing to put in the hotel rooms of all those people who are like “What even is an ‘RVA’?” Check it out

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The worst news

Another homicide last night–that’s two this week. [Here’s what we know about the death of Travis Antonio Horton, which took place on Jefferson Davis Highway. This was Richmond’s 22nd homicide for 2016.

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There’s never an inappropriate time to be reminded that this video is the best

Sometimes the clothes do not make the man!

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