Good Evening, RVA: Schools, schools, iPads, and things to do with your family

If you wouldn’t mind, we would like to leave (for the day).

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It was a bleached day in RVA.

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I do hope you have the time

…to go to these five different things this weekend! Valerie Catrow brings us things to watch, things to listen to, and things to squeal quietly at while they land on your head, adorably.

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Sam and Ross like things SARLT

Can you feel their like buzz

Sam and Ross both like the same thing this time–they like it so much that it could be pulled asunder into two different likes and instead is one big like! Which is maybe a love?! Is this how love should be defined from now on?? Anyway, spoiler, it’s iPads.

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No recess

Our intern Chris (we call him Intern Chris, it’s an inside joke) led that student walkout you may have heard about this past Monday. Intern Chris has written up his thoughts, possibly because every time he said something interesting about it, we yelled “WRITE IT DOWN.” Sorry, Intern Chris. But nice work!

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Photo by Daniel Novta.

Go the office

Teresa Cole is so good at holding all of our hands and leading us gently through the details of all of this recent hubbub about Richmond Public Schools and how much money it’s either getting or not getting. In this EDU FAQ, she explains why some increases in budgets aren’t all that they seem, and she lays out cuts that could have been made to help out RPS.

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Treat yourself, your eyes

Today’s theme is all about Nirvana’s first album, which seems to vibe not at all with this link I’m about to give you, but I can’t stop thinking about it since I saw it this morning. The best ice cream in every single state, including D.C.. Road trip!

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