Good Evening, RVA: March 29th, 2016

Guys, we narrowly missed having Miley Cyrus here. In fake news land, that is.

Photo by Joey Wharton

It was a party in the U.S. day in RVA.

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Photo by: CamEvans

We can’t stop…working!

Hayley DeRoche works and mothers and works and mothers, and turns out working and mothering are doable. Just not ALL the time.

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Man running with dog (blurry)

Photo by: Elvert Barnes

Running my feet like yeah

Kathryn Pullam has very patiently and kindly put together every single active event she could find for runner and triathloners and dog-enthusiasts alike. Seriously, there are so many that we could all do about six and still keep plenty of room for everyone else.

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Rat basketball is a thing we can’t stop talking about and a thing you should get into. I’ll be co-commentating with Prabir Mehta at the actual live March Ratness Final Fur at the Science Museum on Friday, and you should fill out a bracket and come by.

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French film byrd

Party in the France

The French Film Festival begins Thursday. THE FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL BEGINS THURSDAY. This is one of our very favorite weekends, and we have some rad curated picks for you, courtesy of the festival’s organizers.

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Step into the web

This is super neat and also makes me feel like a sad, sorry living creature who doesn’t produce anything beautiful.

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