Good Evening, RVA: March 28th, 2016

Live through this…spring day!

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It was a violet day in RVA.

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Dog parts

Easter on Parade has come and gone, but the photos Heaton Johnson took will live forever! Warning, there’s a clown on stilts that startled me so much I couldn’t not include it. ENJOY!

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Let’s get together and have a party featuring all five of these things that Stephanie Ganz just told us all about. Virginia things! Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about the Javazen coffee that may not make me have a jittery freakout?? Javazen! Where have you been all my life.

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Aiming higher than becoming Miss World

I got all excited about applying to present at the Full STEAM Ahead conference for middle school girls, and then I realized that my “Working for Cool and Slightly Insane Local Online Magazine” job doesn’t fall under Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, or Math. Unless you count designing with words? Ugh, fine, OK. Women need to be more represented in the above areas, and I urge you to take a look at the thing and quickly get your application in. Go inspire young women!

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Photo by James Loving Photography

He kicked the ball, and it felt like a victory

The Kickers won their opening match, and everyone is delighted, but no one more so than Matt Myers, who has recapped it handily for you. He also includes some other thoughts that he’s now kicking around in his own brain after watching the game, and those thoughts include opinions on the new jerseys!

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Richmond city seal

Get some credit in the City Council world

These City Council meetings are sometimes pretty on the inside, but you have to really sit and stare at them for awhile. If you’d rather not, we’ve gone ahead and annotated the agenda for you. It’s like everything that’s going on in City administration, only in layman’s terms! And sometimes with some jokes thrown in!

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You don’t mess with the fabulous chimp

Nature is truly powerful!

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