Good Evening, RVA: Happy Earth Day times a thousand!

Get those cheerful rain boots on, because this is some nice warm spring rain!

Photo by sandy’s dad

It was an Earth Day in RVA.

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Photo by Sarah Ferguson

Give your child the gift of dance (and the nightmare of toys that come to life at night)

Valerie and co. visit The Enchanted Toy Shop and survived their terrifying (-ly cute) ordeal!

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You look like you could use some festing

Don’t forget about all the festivals happening this weekend. Many of them are Earth Day-related. The other ones are Shakespeare and dance-related. All will be fun times.

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Patrick R. Brown as "Scar." Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Photo by Matthew Murphy

It lives in you!

I’m not talking about millions of bacteria, I’m talking about The Lion King, which is currently playing at Altria Theater for a limited time. I went last night, I loved it, I have updated my earlier piece on it accordingly.

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Southern states

Photo by @creativedogmedia

Every wall a mural

Artists will not rest until all of our walls are better than they were before! Southside is getting the treatment this year at the Third (but not annual) Street Art Festival. Here’s Trevor Dickerson’s piece from a few weeks back for your motivational pleasure.

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aluminum cans

You’re doing it wrong, probably

Here’s how to correctly recycle your stuff if you live in Richmond, Virginia. It’s really easy to do it wrong! And if you do it wrong, you’re doing it way wrong, because everything in your bin could just get sent to the landfill instead. Yikes!

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Beyond the recycling bin

Now that you know how to recycle, what else can you do? Here’s what! I’d add to that this year that you can stop using paper towels super easily, make your own cleaning products with castile soap, and freeze all your vegetable scraps to make broth. It can be really easy being green.

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There are some deaths that are so upsetting, and here is why

We have to content ourselves with what Prince has already done. There will never be another this, although thank heaven recording apparati exist, know what I mean? Warning, the genius of this will make you feel ill. Get to practicing, guitarists!

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