Good Evening, RVA: For Richmond, whenever we may find her

Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.

Photo by: Luke Witt

It was an S&G day in RVA.

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Dominion river Rock flying dog

Photo by: 1eyephotography

In our little town

Find a whole lot to do in our little town, where you and your family surely mean something. Valerie Catrow gives us Dominion Riverrock, a bunch of art, a big yard sale, ruby slippers, and the Science Museum’s newest and biggest exhibit.

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Like a slackline over troubled water

Dominion Riverrock is an intense yet very fun experience involving flying dogs, humans with radioactive spider powers, mermaids and mermen, and Elliot-like cyclists. Think I’m joking? Check that link, man! The feats are x-treme! Also this year: G. Love & Special Sauce, y’all.

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Thirty dollars pays your rent on Grove Avenue

Just kidding, it’ll be a lot more than that. Here’s the plans for the new development slated for where the Westhampton Theatre currently is. If it makes you cry with sadness like it makes me, you have a chance to go to a public meeting. If you want Regal Cinemas to go back in time and try harder with the wonderful Westhampton Movie Theatre, you’re out of luck.

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Mama pyjama rolled outta bed and she ran to the police station

Two People got Chief Alfred Durham on the horn! This is exciting news, in that I have talked to him once on the phone and he was very passionate about doing his job well. Listen immediately.

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Are you going to Celebrate Jackson Ward: Past, Present, and Future?

It’s this weekend! Here’s the full lineup.

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But what if, you know??

What’s the deal with this link?

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