Good Evening, RVA: February 25th, 2016

Are you still standing!? This wind!

Photo by Morgan Edwards

It was a slothful day in RVA.

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Photo by: murilocardoso

Roll over!

Its Beethoven at the Broadberry, the Polar Plunge, and some really weird nun-type thing that we don’t quite get. And more things, totaling five!

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Srurryano ha

Photo by: BrownGuacamole

Keep your elbows off the table!

Food News this week includes the results of some award-giving and then more exciting stuff like raw cheese! Also, when will ham production be back to our desired levels? Probably not before one year is up. Read all about the news of food.

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Running shoe

Photo by: m01229

Get moving!

March is the time to get your lethargic limbs swinging to and fro again, just like you know they want to do. Do not listen to your brain’s cries to stay in your blanket-cave–you’ve seen all the Netflix shows anyway. Here are Kathryn Pullam’s picks for various ways to ease back into it. And there are 2ks! Speaking of easing into it!

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Read this again or maybe for the first time!

We are very excited about the kickoff of our EDU FAQ series, featuring the mind-activities of Teresa Cole. #001 gives you an overview of the specific problems facing public schools. Rather than A) being overwhelmed by it all or B) thinking it doesn’t apply to you, please take a gander. We can understand this, one chunk at a time!

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Treat your eardrums!

Patty Griffin! Anaïs Mitchell! Sara Watkins! And the Queers! That’s not the name of a band, that’d be too much. It is two different entire shows this weekend! Read all about it.

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To be honest, we’re still kind of recovering from the adrenaline overload that was last night’s RVANews Live: Fascinating People 2016 event. So it feels nice to just sit back and watch some videos of sloths. The sloth that begins at 0:48! You will laugh violently!

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