Good Evening, RVA: Even your wicked garden sure is getting tired of this

Conversations kill!

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It was a “seriously, more of this?” day in RVA.

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Tiny music

Brett Stonecipher with this month’s Music News! This month, we’ve got a bunch of shows he personally recommends as well as a great longread that made me think a lot about how I didn’t know what Beyoncé’s new album was called because, well, lately I only listen to the B-52’s for whatever reason.

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The soul rebels

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Naked Friday

Friday Cheers kicks off with the Soul Rebels and Mighty Joshua and the Zion #5. It’s very exciting for music fans, and Ross Catrow, as always, has his ultra-entertaining rundown of what to expect tonight (besides rainboots).

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Line up in single-file lines

Chris Bolling is really killing it with 5 Things for Teens lately. He’s got your weekend all planned out for you, youths, and it’s pretty dang exciting. But don’t forget Mothers Day. Sniff!

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Takes more than a meltdown to show these guys how

Soccer Shots takes a really different approach to learning those sports skillz–and Valerie Catrow believes it could be more fun than the regular approach! That’s good, because…guys. Soccer parenting does not seem fun. I’d say go ahead and correct me, but you’ve got like twelve games to go to this weekend, so you should get your rest.

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Waiting on a Sunday afternoon

Your mom loves you, and these moms are no exception. Wait, I don’t mean they love you–I mean, they probably don’t even love you. What am I even saying! The rain has made my brain soggy! MOMS! IN PORTRAIT! Thanks, all who entered our giveaway, and thanks as always to Heaton Johnson. Happy Mothers Day!

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I almost had a longread for you

But instead, I thought it best to leave you with this.

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