Good Evening, RVA: Being better at rivers, festivals, coffee, and being a teen

It’s getting better all the time.

Photo by Luke Witt

It was a maybe nice day in RVA? Who can tell anymore.

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Photo by Heaton Johnson V.

Be a better riverkeeper

And we are all riverkeepers! I went a little nuts about this piece by Teresa Cole who has taken a break from writing about education to talk about the ten rules of interacting with the river. You will learn! You will be inspired! You will wonder if anyone calls their dog “Rover” anymore?

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City hall

Photo by: Payton Chung

Be a better teen this weekend

If you’re a teen, you can probably be a better one, just by reading Chris Bolling’s suggestions for things to do this weekend. Out of all the teens, we’ve selected him to write it, so it must be good stuff.

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Photo by: adactio

Be better festivalgoer

There are some vines, some oysters, and some 10ks this weekend!

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Be a better coffee-lover

Blanchard’s new space and approach to coffeemaking are both equally as wonderful. This makes me almost want to get into drinking coffee like the rest of you people.

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March 16th 2016 Copyright: James H Loving 2016  ISO: 560 - f/2.8 at 1/400 Associated with 400 North Media, LLC

Photo by James H Loving

Be a better soccer fan

The Kickers play the defending champs, the Rhinos, this Saturday evening at 5:00 PM. YOU may not want to mess with Rhinos, but the Kickers don’t mind. They will mess with rhinos all DAY.

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Be a better 10k driver

There are plenty of roads closed tomorrow morning, and here’s how you need to prepare for it TODAY!

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Be a better heart owner!

Avoid breakups like the plague.

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