Good Evening, RVA: April 4th, 2016

BRB blown away by the wind!

Photo by: Ross Catrow

It was a gusty day in RVA.

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Photo by Heaton Johnson V.

That weather!

Springtime is so joyous, y’all. I love these photos of Southside’s Buttermilk Trail, taken by our most wonderful photographer, Heaton Johnson. Every time you spot moss on a stump, drink jubilantly!

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Black lives matter

That progress!

The co-founder of the Black Lives Movement just spoke at VCU, and her thoughts were interesting and timely. If you’re not sure what she means, ask yourself which homicides you pay attention to, and then be brave and ask yourself some more questions. It’s OK! There is a lot to learn before we get to a truly good place, but you have to be willing to learn it. Paying attention to this movement is a good start.

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Sheppard street tavern

Those hellos and good-byes!

Not a whole lot of new and/or defunct restaurants to report on from March, but here were the lucky and unlucky few.

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That bad news.

Brian E. Szabo was murdered via knife wound very early on Saturday morning, making him Richmond’s 18th homicide of 2016. Here’s what we know.

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Richmond forward

The goodish news!

Garet Prior would really like to move Richmond forward, with his group Richmond Forward, which advocates for educational things. Valerie Catrow does a great interview with him. For more education stuff–which as you may have gathered is kind of our focus right now–check out our EDU FAQs.

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The Clickhole!

Sometimes, guys, they have gone gloriously insane.

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