Good Evening, RVA: All of the haps, some of the moms

The sun’ll come out…at some point! Bet your bottom dollar that at some point, there’ll be sun!

Photo by @mikewhetstone67

It was a to-be-expected day in RVA.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo and all that!

Stephanie Ganz has got a great photo for you that involves a lot of crema and cilantro, and now I’m hungry. She’s also got the rest of Food News if that’s your thing. Hooray Mexico! Booya, France! Except actually, thanks France for basically winning our Revolutionary War. BUT DON’T LET IT GO TO YOUR HEAD!

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So much to do, so little unraining time

It is scheduled to stop raining this weekend, if you can believe it. I’m almost not ready to believe it, because I’m not sure a blue sky still exists up there above those clouds. Well, now I’ve depressed myself, so I sure hope reading again about all the fun things to do this weekend will improve both my mood and yours.

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Photo by: YIM Hafiz

It’s the most wonderful time of the quarter!

RVANews Live is BACK! We had some time to catch our breath after February’s Fascinating People edition, and now we’ve drummed up a good program for you. And it’s all about education, our favorite subject, currently. It’s also about having drinks and eating food and generally laughing at each other’s jokes, so if that kind of thing appeals to you, feel free to peep the schedule and buy a ticket!

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This episode of Instant Everything is as adorable as it is cute.

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Beach sloth

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this from-the-horse’s-mouth piece about what the difference is between “redneck” and “hillbilly.” And I learned a lot too! The more we know, guys!

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