Good Evening, RVA; 10k pics, gun laws, kinderpractice, tonight’s City Council agenda and more

The loud guy on the patio outside swears it is F@#%ING SPRING.

Photo by: Catherine Diep

It was a tentatively springy day in RVA.

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Worst parade ever

Say, you look like you’re running a 10k!

It could be you in these photos. In fact, it probably is!

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No guns

Guns, guns, guns

McAuliffe’s vetoed one gun bill so far, everything else is still waiting for his say-so, which has to happen, like, immediately.

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For the kids (this summer)

We’ve done some updates to our summer day camp guide, including additions to the list and notifications that some of the yet-to-be-open-for-registration camps have, indeed, opened registration.

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Bucket of pencils

Photo by: nick.amoscato

For the kids (this fall)

OMG kids can practice being in kindergarten. The smell of new erasers! The crisp new jackets! The rest time! Whatever else we did in kindergarten! Stop by CMoR first to see if they’ve got what it takes (spoiler, they probably do).

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Richmond city seal

City Council time!

Will you be clustering around local channel 57 tonight to watch the City Council meeting? Me neither! But Ross Catrow sure will be, which means I’ll get texts like “REVA!!!!!” and “LOL speakerphone conference calls.” If you’d like to skip it OR if you’d like to watch it but with some context, we have broken down the agenda for you once again. This is one of the most fun–if most draining–parts of my job, because the agenda is rife with things you didn’t know about your own city, and it is my pleasure to both learn them and bring them to you.

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A red victory

The Kickers beat defending champ Rochester Rhinos by one point, which means they took home THREE points. It’s confusing, but Matt Myers will help you understand.

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Southern Season Libbie Mill

Sad tidings

Southern Season to close. Well, that was an interesting experiment in trying to get Richmonders to be into a giant specialty store!

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Sadder tidings

The 19th (or 20th, depending on how you count) homicide of the year occurred early this morning downtown. Here’s what we know about the murder of Herbert L. Brown.

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It’s like the Uber of Mondays

Two different people sent me two different articles about interesting developments surrounding ride services like Uber and Lyft. Thanks, two different people!

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