Glen Allen church to tackle controversial issues in ‘5 Shades of Grey’ series

Richmond Community Church’s five-week message series will coincide with the release of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ this weekend.

One West End pastor is using the upcoming release of what’s guaranteed to be an explosively popular movie to share what he says is the biblical, possibly uncomfortable, response to its racy plot line.

Pastor Rick McDaniel of Richmond Community Church, a contemporary, non-denominational church in Glen Allen, will begin a five-part message series entitled ‘5 Shades of Grey’ to coincide with the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, a movie based on the wildly-popular novel of the same name.

“Some may wonder why am I doing a message series on these controversial topics,” McDaniel said. “Others may wonder why I am using such a provocative title. Still others could think it is not my place to speak on such touchy subjects as divorce, sex and gay marriage. But I am a pastor. If your pastor doesn’t talk about these things then how will you know what the Bible teaches on such important topics?”

McDaniel’s series will touch on controversial, hot button issues such as divorce, cohabitation before marriage, gay marriage, and pornography.

“The Bible is clear about every subject I will cover in this new series,” McDaniel continued. “For Christians, the Bible is the standard for faith–what we believe–and practice–what we do. Telling people what the Bible teaches is my job, and just because it is hard doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it.”

McDaniel says the church congregation’s young 20-and-30-something skewing congregation–the same target audience of the movie–was a big reason he chose to cover these topics in concert with the 50 Shades release.

“I have a pastoral responsibility to these young adults to tell them the other side of the sex story. Yet, I know these messages talking about the dangers of porn and living together will be challenging. I figure if people are going to be talking about it, why not address it head on?”

McDaniel says he fully expects the “haters” to come out in full force, noting that his staff warned he may become a lightning rod for criticism for speaking on such polarizing and uncomfortable topics.

“Someone has to point out the dangers, shed light on the darkness and talk about uncomfortable subjects. And this time, that someone is your pastor.”

The series’ full schedule is as follows:

February 15th: Affair Proof Your Marriage
February 22nd: Till Death Do Us Part
March 1st: Poison Of Porn
March 8th: Cohabitation Station
March 15th: A Moral Impossibility

Full disclosure: Trevor Dickerson attends Richmond Community Church, which is also an RVANews advertiser.

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