Eight Track Round II: Winners!

The winners! They are victorious! Still!

Hello!! After a beauty of a sophomore season the Eight Track Board of Directors holed up for a few hours with their slide rulers, protractors and abacuses to figure out some winners. “Winning” on the Eight Track is comprised of 3 levels…

1. The Ultimate Winner. The top points-getter who has “everyone here buy me a beer because I just won the gosh darn Eight track” bragging rights. Last time those guys were Hot Lava. This time, well hold one second, we’ll get there.

2. The Fabulous Top Four. The Top Four winners are asked to play a show at Cous Cous. In addition, they will be invited to return and defend their titles next go through. The show that accompanied the last Eight Track yielded a variety of life changing events – most notably Dave Hood’s avant-hip hop slide whistle solo that truly brought down the house.

3. The Top Eight. In a sly piece of marketing and promotion we derive our name – “Eight Track” – from the wonderful fact that the top eight vote getters donate their track to be a part of the sublime mixed tape series that is Eight Track. Anyhow, if your boss blocked the Eight Track page because you just couldn’t stop listening to those Snow Panda remixes, you might just get them from your true friends over here at RVANews for free.

Anyhow, I always spare the blurbs on this last bit because 1. I’ve been writing them for four weeks and I have come to the end of my blurbrope and 2. because I know you guys are about to beat down your laptops trying to get the results. Thus, I will cut to the chase and give every one of you the desires of your heart.

Champion Eight Tracker who now must be forced to put together the baddest band in town and top Dave Hood’s psychedelic slide whistle solo…

Eddie Prendergast a.k.a. Amazing Ghost

The Fabulous Top Four who, assuming they accept the invitation, will show off some serious live tightness. The Eight Track show IS, after all, a totally agreeable circus of Richmond chicness. This time that circus is…

Eddie P a.k.a. Amazing Ghost
Snow Panda
Scott Burton
No BS.

And finally The Top Eight!!! The folks who your Ipod is dying to wrap its little megabyte arms around…

Eddie P a.k.a. Amazing Ghost
Snow Panda
Scott Burton
Supa Fly Floosies
Red Deer
Hot Lava

There they are!!! Please enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for the show. We will not hesitate to let you know about it via the face and the space and generally anyway we can drum up. Thanks to all the bands for making Richmond their home and thanks for all the folks that voted and refreshed and voted and refreshed and voted again. Be excited about your local music community as it is a wonderful thing – there is truly a unique Richmond aesthetic that continues to produce wonderful beautiful sounds. Keep your ears oiled.

All my love,

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Matthew E. White

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